14 Mandir Designs for Home - Ideas and Image Gallery


14 Mandir Designs for Home - Ideas and Image Gallery

Having a temple in the house is considered auspicious for the house and all the members residing in it. But mandir designs for home can be challenging. It's great to have a large bungalow and have enough space for a separate temple room, but what about houses that don't have that option? Well, the mandir layout for the house doesn't have to be in one room, you can also accommodate the temple area in another room of the house.

Here are 14 Mandir designs for home to inspire you. Keep reading to know more:

A Glass Cubicle Mandir Design for Home

A Glass Cubicle Mandir Design for Home Perfect for a luxury home, this glass mandir design is all about functionality, beauty, and divinity. Build this mandir in your foyer area and let it shine in all its glory. While the transparency of the glass adds a cozy touch to the environment, the wood frame brings a sense of privacy to the space, creating an eye-catching home temple design. Adorn with a tall copper idol that takes center stage, include lights and add a traditional backdrop as shown above to complete the look.

A Wall Mounted Wooden Mandir Design for Home

A Wall Mounted Wooden Mandir Design for Home If you don't have a lot of space for a pooja space, you can choose to create a worship space in your living room or even your family room. In such cases, it is advisable to have a wall hanging chuck design for the house. As shown in the photo above, you can choose to make a complete wooden mandir design for home with the fetish and some lights inside. Add a timeless design to the door for a traditional touch to the cabinet, and use the bottom to hold prayer books, incense and more.

A Granite Mandir Design for Home

A Granite Mandir Design for Home Who said Mandir area should be out of design in your contemporary home? To match the overall avant-garde aesthetic of your home, choose a granite design like the one shown in the picture. A simple gray mandir design for the home speaks volumes about taste. Get the traditional intricacies etched into the tall granite slabs and don't miss the bronze details that match the simple statue in the center. To complement the accent wall, it has a sanctuary with simpler-toned stone storage and yellow spotlights, and it has a temple that defines the class and how!

POP Wall Sculpting Mandir Design for Home

POP Wall Sculpting Mandir Design for Home  If you have a medium-sized room available as a temple space in your home, look for a layout like the one shown in the photo. Use one wall as an accent wall and create a POP carving with a design of your choice. The image has Ganesh Om and some feathers and flowers. You can even go for traditional blood money or Radhe Shyam on the wall. As the wall will have a divine symbol, you can choose to have small idols and traditional days. Complete this mandir design for home with a small bell and soft yellow LED lights that highlight the idols and carvings on the walls.

Wooden Mandir Designs for Home with Lattice Work

Wooden Mandir Designs for Home with Lattice Work  A perfect blend of traditional and modern, this timeless, wooded mandir design for home is ideal for small spaces looking for an elevated look. As shown in the image above, you can add the traditional touch of the space with latticework interiors, while the wood panel and sanctuary design has a more modern element. Choose from a variety of styles for this table or simply choose a fine grained wood table in teak, mahogany or even cherry wood and let the space speak for itself. Marble shines with its gradient design that is both functional and elegant.

Vintage Mandir Design for Home

Vintage Mandir Design for Home For more traditional houses with large courtyards and many rooms, this old-style Mandir designs for home is a great option. Create a beautiful and joyful space, a space where your family can channel their spiritual energy with a homey mandir design like in the photo above. Use soft colors on the walls and have a different side with a brighter tone - you can use this space for the central part of your temple. Other walls may have built-in shelves to place other idols. Add a sense of style to the space with flooring where you can use mosaic tiles that are striking in appearance with the room. Ornamental motifs that also serve as functional elements of the temple, such as the stepped light stand, flower path, and bell, only add to the overall look.

Marble Mandir Designs for Home

Marble Mandir Designs for Home  Elevate your existing temple with a marble mantel design for a stylish and elegant home. Get inspired by the image above and design the entire mandir in white marble. You can choose a type of white Calacatta according to your taste for the walls and go to Blanco Ibiza for the wall behind the sanctuary to break the monotony. Match the color of the stools to the lines of the marble and bring the earth element into the space with some wood storage. Hanging lights and a floating day track just enhance the details of this tangerine.

Wooden Mandir Designs for Home with Elevated Floor

Wooden Mandir Designs for Home with Elevated Floor Let a wooden mandir design for the home lift your temple space a little higher (literally and figuratively) with some stylish raised floors like in the photo above. Use dark wood for the temple floor and do it like a real floor painting to give the temple the respect it deserves, especially if it shares space in another room. Use a complementary wood tone for the shutters and other details and you have a temple that people can't stop talking about!

A Modern Mandir Design for Home

A Modern Mandir Design for Home  Perfect when you're building your mandarin in part of your bedroom - this design takes up little space and adds energy to the area. Modern mandir design for home, the picture above let us see details like traditional patterned black glass wallpaper, marble surface wooden tree, silver idol. The theme here is classy black, white and gold and we particularly like the wooden section with the dangling bells.

Mandir Design for Home with Floral Background

Mandir Design for Home with Floral Background For a more modern house design, you can choose a floral wallpaper behind the sanctuary as shown in the image above. The floral design can be engraved on glass or intricately carved on wood. Depending on the work, you can choose the tone of the walls and floors. While white walls work great with glass wallpaper, you may want to go for a more dignified hue with a wood frame. Pro Tip: Let in lots of natural light with the help of huge windows and make the space feel bigger and airier.

Mandir Designs for Home with Backdrop Lights

Mandir Designs for Home with Backdrop Lights  Take the home game's minimalist mandir design even higher, with this sleek and beautiful design that includes traditional cutouts and LED lights. Just illuminating the sanctuary with the light coming from the wall gives the place a divine feel. Choose your cutouts wisely and skip the idol that's supposed to take center stage - go for the Om sign as pictured above or go for more intricate patterns like Radhe Krishna or Goddess Lakshmi. The shrine itself could be neat and clean with some small idols or images of different deities.

Marble and Wooden Mandir Designs for Home

Marble and Wooden Mandir Designs for Home  A well-designed space speaks volumes about luxury and this marble and wood home design pictured above does that and more. A perfect combination of white marble on the walls with teak wood on the floor, storage and intricate lattice work - it all comes together perfectly in this home design. The frosted window gives the space privacy while allowing some natural light inside and the correct placement of the soft yellow lights only adds to the peaceful vibe of the space. Not to be missed are the little brass bells that not only help accommodate the metal in the room, but also add to the detail.

Mandir Designs for a Small Apartment

Mandir Design for a Small Apartment If you're really short on space and want a decent mandir design for the home, then it's time to think outside the box. Whoever said you need a horizontal space for a mandir, why not build a mandir vertically like in the image above. An ideal pooja room design for a small apartment, this design uses shelves where you can place your idols without making the place look cluttered. The main sanctuary could have some drawers that could be used to store incense and prayer books. Use wood for the shelves and have metal idols, this will help you get a neat and organized look effortlessly.

Portable Mandir Design for Home

Portable Mandir Design for Home For those who live in rented houses, it is recommended to invest in a portable walkway design for the home. There are a variety of portable mandir designs available in the market and you can choose the one that suits you best from the materials of your choice – many options in wood, marble, metal and more. Choose a medium-sized one as shown in the image below and place it smartly in your home, leaving room for the lord.

Vastu Tips for Mandir Designs for Home

  • The Mandir design for the house does not have to be in the basement or the upper floors of the house, but rather on the ground floor.
  • The Mandir design for the house should have a sill and a low ceiling.
  • All storage space should be under the place of idols or images of gods in a mandir designed for the home.
  • Mandir design for the house should be a neat design and there should be a lot of light in this space.
  • Choose light colors on the walls of your Mandir layout as dark colors tend not to come into focus during prayer.
  • Mandir should not be in the bedroom area of ​​the house.

Summing up Mandir Designs for Home

The design of the Mandir or Pooja room in your home imparts a sense of peace and tranquility – it is a place of worship and prayer, making it a holy place. That is why it is very important that you give this temple room the respect it deserves and decorate it with the same enthusiasm as the rest of the house. Which of the above Mandir designs for the home resonated best with the others? Let us know in the comments below. Also Read - 10 Best Ceiling Designs For Bedroom