Vastu Shastra tips for water fountains, to bring positive energy


Water fountains have been a decorative element of great importance. The water element is said to bring positive energy to the surrounding environment. If you also plan to add a water feature to your home or office, follow these Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui tips to achieve prosperity, luck, and wealth.

Benefits of keeping water fountain at home

Here are some of the benefits of keeping water fountains at home:

  • The water flowing into the surrounding area, according to Vastu Shastra, symbolizes the flow of money, wealth, and status.
  • Water fountains add elegance and beauty to every room. Add sophistication and luxury to the overall design of the home.
  • The sound of flowing water creates a calm environment, adding calm to your home environment.
  • The water flowing from the reactive source is believed to reactivate stagnant chi, restore balance to the area, and produce beneficial yang energy.

The right placement of a water fountain is very important, as it channelizes cosmic energies of the universe to make your home a positive place to live in.

  • Water well facing north can be placed. In addition, according to Vastu Shastra, the northwest and east are good for the placement of water functions. Since these directions are compatible with water elements, experts always suggest placing anything connected with water.
  • According to Garden Vastu, a water fountain can be installed in the North or East direction of the garden. The color in this room is white, so white water fountains are ideal.
  • Avoid placing water springs in the south, southeast, or west regions, because these directions do not correspond at all to the elements of the water.
  • Install a water feature near the front entrance of your home. You won't get negative energy into your home. The waterfall should be placed in such a way that the water flows into your home and not to the outside of your home.
  • Do not place the water feature in the middle of the property as it can obstruct the power and prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Vastu directions for water fountain placement

Vastu tips for fountains with light

Light is an important element in Vastu. Good lighting lifts your spirits, calms, and brightens up the place. Northeast represents the sattva corner of the estate, seeking wisdom and positive energy. Therefore, the light fixtures on the north and east walls bring good vibes and prosperity to the house. Therefore, choose water fountains with white and off-white lights. The dripping water can be synced with music, lighting, or both to create a water feature that flows with rhythm and looks amazing. The lights add to the relaxing visual effect.

Tips for buying water fountains

Experiment and choose a font that doesn't conflict with your home décor.

Some fountains are battery-powered only. It may be better to choose those that work with the power supply.

Make sure the cord is the proper length to reach the outlet. You can also look for eco-friendly water sources that are powered by solar energy.

Try and buy a fountain with LED lights, so you can use it at night to create a magical effect.

Check the font size carefully, so that it fits well according to the space you want to keep.

Choose water features such as jets or chains of water, which fall or slide along a wall or glass, depending on the space.

Make sure the sound of flowing water soothes your senses. The volume should not be too low or too high. The noise level of the pump should be lower.

If you are buying a fountain with a Buddha or Ganesha, do not place it directly on the floor, but place it on a small table above eye level.

water fountain at home

Water fountain maintenance: Dos and don’ts

  • According to Vastu Shastra, water fountains should not be kept in the bedroom, as they can damage relationships. In fact, avoid storing any type of water item in the bedroom.
  • The best position to place the water feature in the house is next to the entrance of the house facing north.
  • The fountain's water must flow continuously and there must be no stagnation, as this can hinder progress. Clean the water source regularly to make sure no dirt, grime, or algae builds up. Also, standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to prevent the growth of algae and other germs.
  • Place the fountain out of direct sunlight.
  • If the water in the fountain does not flow evenly on all sides, make sure it flows into the house and not away from it. For example, in a cascading fountain where water flows into an area, make sure it is towards the house.
  • The water flowing towards the house's front door represents wealth and success. The flow of water outside the home can cause loss of wealth or increase financial problems.


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