Uttar Pradesh CM introduces Unicode marking of all landholdings


Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government has introduced a 16-digit Unicode to mark territories. This was done to eliminate land disputes and prevent innocent people from falling into the trap of fraudsters. According to a government spokesperson, from now on, every plot of land in the state will have its own unique identity. The Revenue Service will issue this Unicode code to distinguish all types of agricultural, residential, and commercial land and anyone can see the details of the land with one click. Unicode will end bogus registrations of disputed territories and the scheme is rolling out across the state. Work has begun on this in most areas. While Unicode evaluation of parcels began in all income villages, the work of marking disputed parcels in the computerized management system is handled by the income courts. The Unicode of Earth will consist of 16 numbers, and while the first six numbers will be based on the population of the Earth, the following four numbers will define the unique identity of the Earth. Numbers 11-14 will be the division number of the land. The last two digits will contain the details of the category in which agricultural, residential, and commercial lands will be determined. This scheme came close to the unique “Varasat” scheme, whereby the government initiated a land and property succession scheme to end land and property disputes. Also Read: Brookfield India REIT to raise Rs 3,800 crore