Sussanne Khan: Interior designer

Interior designer Sussanne Khan recently won another award and is very easy to understand. After all, every recognition and award motivates the receiver.
"This award is definitely huge for me. I feel a lot of gratitude and motivation. I enjoyed everything I did during this journey in a certain way in an attempt to break the mundane form of philosophies in designs and to move towards my instincts," she says. "

Sussanne Khan's children Hridhaan and Hrehaan Roshan inspire her to work harder. "My children are my motivation. I want to be a great role model for them in everything I do. It's not hard work for me, my family and my work are part of my satisfaction with my day, so I don't consider it difficult. Actually, I schedule my day so I can From embedding all aspects of what I enjoy, be it with my kids or my training sessions, and in addition, I'll be someone who works hard. I think it's all about being unwise on your schedule and programming with a little discipline with your schedules, you can enjoy all Something in life."

His two sons are artists. “They are exceptionally talented, they have a hand in music and painting,” she says proudly. “It is interesting because there is a mixture of many talents, thanks to their father. Hrithik is a practical father. He will make them do different activities, from dance classes to editing lessons, and will So, it is a combination of both worlds, be it my artistic line or the Hrithik line. I'm glad they are beautifully mixed and I will be happy if they are happy, I think they will succeed if they are happy, where they want to land until they are given the right. Whatever they choose, they will do their best, because they both have hard-working parents. "
For Sussanne Khan, what she loves is to put life in a naked room by decorating it from scratch. She is ready to make the room "emulate feelings." "When I enter a room in its gray state, I understand the environment that the room should provide when it is finished. Sometimes it comes to serenity, sometimes it is about love, it can be a married husband or it may be warm and associated with your family home, so "It depends on space. I want to create passion through my determination."
The designer believes that the interior design fraternity resembles a family. Asked if Sussanne Khan thought it was a male-dominated industry, she replied: "I don't think men dominate this industry mainly, I would say that there are wonderful women designers today. There are veterans like Sunita Kohli and these people admire me. The fundamentals are that both men and women must intersect and work together and collaborate on certain things that make the design more private. Always collaborate and attract talent. These are the things that I think I put it in the back of my mind when I want to cooperate with someone."

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