Stamp duty in Ayodhya in 2024


Over the past five years, property investments in Ayodhya, the old city where efforts are in progress to complete the Ram Mandir by January 2024, have witnessed a significant surge. As the small city in Uttar Pradesh undergoes redevelopment and rebranding to compete with pilgrimage spots of global significance, land values in Ayodhya have experienced a remarkable increase. Industry reports indicate that property prices in Ayodhya have multiplied since the Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan on August 2, 2020.

Encouraged by this buoyancy, leading real estate developers in the country have announced projects in Ayodhya. Now the question is, aside from the price value, how much money buyers will have to spend on stamp duty and registration charges?

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Stamp duty and registration charges on land/property in Ayodhya 2024

Owner Stamp duty as percentage of the property value Registration charge as percentage of the property value Stamp duty and registration charge in Rupees on a property worth Rs 10 lakh
Man 7% 1% Rs 70,000 + Rs 10,000
Woman 6%* 1% Rs 50,000* + Rs 10,000
Man + woman 6.5% 1% Rs 65,000 + Rs 10,000
Man + Man 7% 1% Rs 70,000 + Rs 10,000
Woman + woman 6% 1% Rs 50,000* + Rs 10,000
Stamp duty on other deeds in Ayodhya in 2024
Documents to be registered       Stamp duty in Rs
Gift deed *5% of the property value


**Rs 5,000 in case of gifting in family members

Will Rs 200
Exchange deed 3%
Lease deed Rs 200
Agreement Rs 10
Adoption deed Rs 100
Divorce Rs 50
Bond Rs 200
Affidavit Rs 10
Notary Rs 10
Special power of attorney Rs 100
General power of attorney Rs 10 to Rs 100

Do women get rebate on stamp duty on property registrations in Ayodhya?

The Uttar Pradesh government provides a 1% rebate on stamp duty for properties or land registered in the name of a woman. However, this rebate is limited to Rs 10 lakh. In contrast to the 7% stamp duty applicable when a male is the owner, women pay a reduced 6% stamp duty on the registration of properties valued at Rs 10 lakh or less in Ayodhya. Both men and women pay the same stamp duty if the property's cost exceeds Rs 10 lakh in Ayodhya.

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