Smart & Stylish: Low Budget Single Floor House Design


Low budget single floor house design ideas to build your dream home while meeting your budget requirements. The foremost aspiration of individuals upon earning their first income is to eventually own a home. Homes are not only places to reside; they are where families grow, and cherished memories are created. However, the prospect of building an independent home often instills hesitation in many families, primarily due to the belief that it will be prohibitively expensive. While this perception might hold true in some cases, it is essential to realize that it is still achievable to construct a single-story home in India on a tight budget. The key lies in finding a suitable plot and adhering to the fundamental principles of low budget single floor house design. With thoughtful planning and resourcefulness, one can make their dream of owning a home a reality without breaking the bank. These residences are also known as single-floor house layouts. Even with home plans for 10 lakhs, you may build a comfortable structure with the appropriate blueprint arrangement.

Single story house design: Advantages

  1. Exterior maintenance is simpler on single-floor homes.
  2. Since all the living space is on one floor, the interior temperature is maintained more consistently, and single-floor house designs require less energy for heating and cooling than multi-level homes.
  3. Due to the lack of stairs in these layouts, this design offers easy accessibility for retired and elderly households.
  4. Since single-floor homes are more straightforward and easily accessible, remodelling them is simpler and less expensive than remodelling multi-story homes.

Top low budget single floor house design ideas

You can utilise one of these straightforward, affordable low budget single floor house designs to create a single-floor home of your own.

Open single-floor house design

low budget single floor house designs
The "Open-Space Delight" is undeniably one of the most exceptional and affordable low-budget single-floor home designs ever crafted. By seamlessly integrating two or more spaces into one, this design creates a sense of spaciousness and freedom. With floor-to-roof glass windows and doors, it ingeniously enhances the illusion of a larger room. The primary advantage of the open-floor design lies in its ability to flood the house with natural light and fresh air, promoting a vibrant and healthy living environment. Furthermore, this design enables occupants to have a panoramic view of the entire space from a single vantage point, fostering a sense of unity and connectedness. With its cost-effective approach and emphasis on openness and natural elements, the "Open-Space Delight" offers an ideal solution for those seeking a low budget single floor house design that exudes both practicality and aesthetics. Embrace the charm of an open layout and bask in the benefits of a sunlit and airy abode without straining your budget.

One floor house design with multiple sections

low budget single floor house designs
In the realm of "Low Budget Single Floor House Design," the concept of building the house in several sections across a large plot presents a practical and cost-effective approach. One prime example of this approach is the "Modular Haven" - an affordable one-story home that optimizes space and minimizes construction costs. By strategically dividing the house into distinct sections on the plot, you can maximize carpeting while avoiding the expenses associated with adding multiple stories. The main house is designed as a single-story structure, and to accommodate additional storage or a garage, a separate unit is built nearby. These sections are ingeniously connected by a covered passageway, providing convenience and shelter. The "Modular Haven" exemplifies smart utilization of space, allowing you to expand your living area without the need for multiple floors. This thoughtful design not only saves costs but also enhances the functionality of the house, making it an excellent choice for those looking to create a spacious and practical single-floor home on a budget. Embrace the advantages of an innovative layout that maximizes your plot's potential and provides a harmonious living experience.

Single floor home design with open patio

low budget single floor house designs
Incorporating open patios is a brilliant addition to any "Low Budget Single Floor House Design." Despite limited space for open gardens, open patios offer a myriad of practical uses and enhance the overall appeal of the home. In our "Affordable Patio Haven" design, we carve out an open patio area that serves multiple functions. Furnish the patio with comfortable outdoor furniture, allowing you to relish evenings outside, appreciating the tranquility of your surroundings. The versatility of the open patio shines as it becomes a useful space for storage and organization. Set up shoe racks or designate an area for storing bicycles, keeping them secure and easily accessible. Moreover, during the rainy season, the open patio proves to be a valuable asset. Utilize it as a drying area for clothes and other items, allowing them to air dry efficiently, even on damp days. Incorporating an open patio into our low-budget single-floor house design not only adds charm to the home but also enhances its functionality. Embrace the joys of outdoor living, optimize storage solutions, and make the most of your available space with this thoughtfully crafted "Affordable Patio Haven" concept.

Box and strip single-floor house design

low budget single floor house designs
In the realm of "Low Budget Single Floor House Design," the concept of using ordinary-sized wooden blocks for construction offers a revolutionary approach to building affordable and versatile homes. By forgoing traditional frames, cement, and other conventional materials, the "Wooden Block Wonder" emerges as an innovative solution. In the "Wooden Block Wonder," the framework is ingeniously created by nailing together these wooden blocks, which form the foundation of the entire structure. Swiftly, the roof is placed on top, completing the basic construction process. The utilization of wooden blocks not only reduces costs but also facilitates easy assembly and disassembly of the house. One of the significant advantages of such homes lies in their portability. The "Wooden Block Wonder" can be dismantled and rebuilt at a different location within a couple of days, providing unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to changing needs or circumstances. This groundbreaking approach to low budget single floor house design opens up new possibilities for sustainable and cost-effective housing solutions. Embrace the "Wooden Block Wonder" and explore a world of simplicity, affordability, and mobility in your dream of homeownership.

Elevated single floor house design

low budget single floor house designs
In a region prone to flooding during the rainy season, a thoughtful "Low Budget Single Floor House Design" should prioritize elevation to mitigate potential water damage. The "Flood-Resilient Perch" design addresses this concern by raising the home above ground level. By elevating the home, water will naturally flow away from the house towards the road, minimizing the risk of water entering the living spaces and causing damage. This precautionary measure ensures that your home remains safe and dry during the rainy season. Furthermore, the "Flood-Resilient Perch" design offers the added advantage of providing an excellent view of the surroundings. Being elevated above ground level grants homeowners a panoramic view of the landscape, allowing them to appreciate the natural beauty and enjoy a sense of tranquility. Through the clever implementation of elevation in the "Flood-Resilient Perch" design, you can create a low-budget single-floor house that not only safeguards against flooding but also offers a breathtaking perspective of your environment. Embrace this practical and aesthetically pleasing approach to elevate both your home and your living experience.

Single floor low budget house design: Cost-effective materials to use

Strategic use of materials makes it possible to construct a strong and beautiful low budget house design. Here are some materials to use for constructing a single story house in a low budget:
  • Using mortar or brick can reduce the cost of construction as compared to using interlock bricks.
  • The use of solid brick is less expensive as they are heavier as compared to hollow bricks, which require more support, increasing the cost.
  • You can choose to reuse the materials from old construction such as palm leaves, bamboo, and wooden works. This can help reduce the cost as well as provide an attractive design to the house.

Low budget single floor house design: How to keep the cost low?

Here are some tips to design a single story house in a low budget:
  • Choose the right land for building the house. Carefully consider the location and number of family members before selecting the plot.
  • Make sure that you plan the budget properly according to different phases of construction for optimum utilisation of resources.
  • Keep a track of all expenses and keep nearly 25% of the total amount as additional savings before beginning the construction.
  • For saving the unnecessary expenses, choose raw materials that are locally available.
  • Don’t pick low-quality raw materials as it can cost more in the long run and explore all the stores to find the best possible deal.

Low budget single floor house design: How to maximise space?

Effective designing of a small house can be challenging but it’s possible to make maximum use of the space available to create a functional, comfortable, and stylish home. Here are some design tips to follow for maximising the available space.
  • Pick a colour palette or neutral, muted monotones as these earthy colours reflect light and make a space appear brighter and bigger.
  • Choose clean-lined furniture, which can be quite helpful in maximising the available space without making it appear crowded or cramped.
  • Make use of the windows such that they can be multifunctional. For example, you can place a bench near a bay window to create a cosy reading nook. Also, the under-bench space can be used for storage.
  • Add mirrors as they reflect the light and make the space bigger than it is.
  • Avoid visual clutter and use minimalism to your advantage.
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