15 Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas to Decorate Your Dream House


A wardrobe with sliding doors is a modern storage solution. It makes the room look aesthetic and works best for small and large spaces. If you are buying a new home, you should consider installing a sliding entry almirah design to make your home elegant and spacious. Here are some options you can consider:

Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe,-,Sliding,Doors,,3d,Illustration The texture of wood tends to complement all types of home décor. You can use softwood or hardwood to design a wooden sliding door. Doing so will give it a natural look and also give you much-needed space in your cupboard.

Choose Glass For Class Choose Glass for Class

Glass is a classy material - it makes everything look classy and adds to your home's design and decor. The problem is that you have to be very organized with your clothes and other personal items. I mean, glass makes your look bigger and an organized wardrobe enhances your style statement. You can also use clear glass if you want privacy for your things.

Use wallpaper Or Digital Printing

Use wallpaper Or Digital Printing You can laminate your closet doors to create a unique sliding wardrobe design. This option opens you up to a variety of designs, such as floral designs or patterns. In case the background seems temporary to you, you can digitally print the sliding doors.

Choose Metal Magic

Choose Metal Magic The choice of the metallic surface gives such a luxurious feel and also adds a touch of simplicity to the overall look. Bedroom design of your new home with a metallic look and a matte finish. Using a gray shade for the entire space would be ideal.

3-Way Cabinet

3-Way Cabinet If you thought that sliding doors are only possible in two directions, you are wrong! You can have a 3-way sliding door for a cupboard. If you have a lot of things to store in your wardrobe, choose a 3-way sliding door for your design. Imagine a hinged door, it will take up the space of your room, but sliding doors will not.

Use Mirrors As Sliding Doors

Use Mirrors As Sliding Door Why not make your glass wardrobe more useful than usual by including mirrors? Mirror entries in your wardrobe can not only be used to check your reflection but also to reflect light and make it wider and brighter.

Multiple Sliding Entrances

Multiple Sliding Entrances A wall-to-wall sliding wardrobe has many advantages: it offers plenty of storage space, looks like a seamless wall, and creates additional space in your room. With this design, you get your own cupboard design without taking up the rest of the space. Also, Read - 15 Clever And Modern Hacks To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Use Corners

Use Corners Using a corner of your room to create a cupboard is a great idea! You can even use it to create a luxurious illusion. For example, you can use the corner to build a V-shaped wardrobe and use reflective materials like shiny fibers, mirrors, reflective glass, and shiny metal to add a touch of luxury. Any reflective surface will work, but it will look better with mirrors.

Use Whites And Pastels

Use Whites And Pastels Using a neutral color scheme for your entire room with a white sliding wardrobe design adds modern flair to your interiors. Neutrals never go out of style and are Vastu-approved.

Sliding Wardrobe Design

Sliding Wardrobe Design If you have enough space, costume design is the best idea. It's pretty much the same as the almirah design itself, but here's the secret to adding sliding doors. Trust me if you choose this design, you won't regret it.

Use 3D illustration On Sliding Doors

Use 3D illustration On Sliding Doors 3D drawing or 3D rendering, both create a unique interior decoration environment. On many soft materials, illustrations and rendering can be done to create 3D structures of your choice. The choice of drawing is customizable to your liking.

Choose A Trendy Matte Look

Choose A Trendy Matte Look The matte surface on the top of your closet gives it a modern finish and a smooth look. The benefit of using matte materials is that scratches and dents are less visible. It also provides a smoother gliding experience.

Wardrobe with Attached Dressing Table

Wardrobe with Attached Dressing Table The dressing table can be attached to the closet in three ways. Build the dresser inside a dresser-like space and install a mirror inside the bedroom with a few small compartments. The second is to build the dresser under the sliding door for when you need to open doors and use your dresser. The third option is to place the dresser to the side of the closet and make it look like it is part of the closet design.

Double Finish Almirah

Using two materials to design a wardrobe can give you an experimental look. Like using a mirror with wood or glass with metal, well, there are a lot of customizable options. If you don't want to invest too much in experiences, you can even opt for the option of renting furniture.

Go Colorful

Go Colorful Use poppy or your favorite color to design the wardrobe. It attracts the viewer's attention. The only downside is that it may not match the design and decor of the room. For it to work, you need to create a theme and work with the furniture accordingly. The wardrobe is one of the most personal aspects of your home. To be aesthetic and functional, you need to consider several options. The sliding wardrobe design is a great and practical option for your bedroom, and you can design it in any of the ways mentioned above. Also, Read - Three Simple Home Decor Tips To Beautify Your Space