Simple Village House Designs In India - For Your Second Home


Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban living, individuals often find themselves grappling with burnout and stress-related issues, particularly exacerbated by the evolving work landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen a significant shift towards remote work. In such a reality, wouldn't it be preferable to embrace a simpler village lifestyle? While a complete relocation may not be feasible, owning a quaint abode in the rural countryside could offer respite.

In the present era, many individuals are opting for uncomplicated simple village house designs as their preferred post-retirement housing solution. These designs are straightforward, cost-effective, and can serve as a tranquil weekend retreat or even a holiday getaway until retirement becomes a full-time endeavor. For those seeking validation, we present nine affordable house designs tailored to imbue your home with both beauty and comfort. Keep reading!

Simple Village House Designs

Highlighted below are several prominent simple village house designs in India, meticulously chosen to align with contemporary preferences and provide harmonious living environments. If crafting your perfect village dwelling is on the agenda, peruse the options below and opt for a design that resonates with your vision.

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Presently, traditional village residences stand out as a preferred choice in India, prized for their practicality and family-oriented layout. Moreover, their graceful appearance seamlessly integrates with the surrounding urban landscape. The 4-room house design prevalent in villages seamlessly blends vintage and contemporary elements, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic.

Characteristic traits of traditional-style homes include unadorned rooflines, windows arranged asymmetrically, and subtle embellishments, all contributing to their understated charm.

Simple Village House Designs

With this 4-room house design, you can acquire a charming yet modest abode in the village. For those contemplating construction amidst fields, opting for a straightforward style featuring ample large windows is ideal, facilitating enhanced airflow. 

Incorporating expansive glass windows at the front enhances ventilation, while symmetrical pillars add a touch of elegance while maintaining simplicity. A patio serves as an optimal spot for unwinding during the tranquil moments of morning and evening.

Simple Village House Designs

3. Multi-Storey Simple Village House Design

Having a simple village house design in India doesn’t restrict you from owning a multi-floor residence. Opting for two or three floors offers expanded living space, making it an appealing choice for larger families. Additionally, a multi-storey village house mitigates the likelihood of conflicts among family members and provides flexibility in design experimentation.

For instance, you're not obligated to maintain uniformity in door styles, window placements, or paint colors across all floors. This allows you to cater to the diverse needs of your family members by making adjustments accordingly.

Simple Village House Designs 2

Farmhouse-style dwellings exude a comforting ambiance even from afar, thanks to their warm, welcoming atmosphere and rustic allure. Tailored for families, these 4-room village house designs boast spacious living areas, charming kitchens, and ample outdoor zones.

Constructing your village residence in the timeless farmhouse style seamlessly blends rustic countryside aesthetics with modern design elements. This cost-effective and straightforward Indian house design holds both visual appeal and functionality.

Incorporate a front porch and generously sized ventilation openings on either side of the dwelling. Typically, a spacious open area in front of the house serves multiple purposes, from parking to gardening, enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

Simple Village House Designs 4

Cottage-style residences offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere, characterized by their modest footprint yet abundant character. Originating from Europe, particularly England, these designs were traditionally inhabited by working-class farmers in rural areas.

Incorporating a cottage-style home amidst the serene village surroundings presents an opportunity to create a charming abode with a delightful garden and spacious open areas. Common features of these low-cost, simple Indian village house designs include wood siding or wood shingle siding, quaint porches, and well-kept lawns.

Few More Simple House Design Tips

  • Consider the Design Before Commencing Construction - Prior to embarking on the construction of your house, carefully evaluate the design. While a particular simple house design may capture your interest, it's essential to ensure its suitability for your specific space, climate, and location in India.
  • Prioritize Space Optimization - Instead of focusing solely on specific areas of the house, pay attention to how your simple house design maximizes the available space.
  • Enhance the Perception of Space - If your simple house design tends towards smaller dimensions, employ light-colored hues to create the illusion of a larger space, thus enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Incorporate a Small Lawn - When devising the layout for your simple house design, aim to include outdoor space. Consider integrating a petite front lawn or backyard to impart an airy and expansive feel to your village house design in India.

Tips For Designing A Simple House Design 

  • The facade of your village house must be sturdy because it may be exposed to harsh weather. Apart from appealing to the sight, selecting the right simple village house design in India is essential.

  • If you want to build a village home in a mountainous location, it is best to make the construction light to avoid earthquakes, landslides and floods. Choosing a light and simple village house design in India is excellent for such a setting.
  • Weather conditions in India vary by geography. Consider the implications of the yearly climate before finalising low-cost, simple Indian house designs. Choose your building materials and design them accordingly.

  • Thanks to infrastructure improvements, you can use any urban facility in your community. Make sure that your village house has the finest of both worlds.

  • When choosing a low cost simple Indian house design, be mindful of the surrounding environment. Include the beauty of the surroundings into your village house design to keep the place's natural attractiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. You can construct the house with recycled wood, exposed brick finish, pellet for walls and concrete blocks.

Ans 2. Select the right art to create your simple village house design in India and focus on designs that look decent yet classy.

Ans 3. Yes, you can build a simple village house in India with a limited budget.

Ans 4. While there are numerous color combinations that might work, some of the most popular ones are yellow-white/cream, orange/peach-grey, and indigo-white.

Ans 5. Village houses are simple structures designed from naturally available materials like clay, mud, tree bark and branches.

Ans 6. Houses like cottages, huts and other kaccha houses are built in villages.