Safety advice for women residing alone in rental properties.


As urban areas experience an uptick in the population of single women, including working professionals and students, there is a parallel rise in the demand for rental accommodations tailored to their needs. Safety and security are paramount considerations when choosing an apartment for these individuals.

Considering that rental properties often come through brokers, avoid going alone with an agent for the first time. Conduct your own diligence, prior to selecting a home, including a reference check on the landlord.

Neighbourhood and access to public transport

"Conducting an online search of the property, made possible by various websites, provides a clearer understanding of the neighborhood. Verify the presence of adequate security measures and assess the crime rate in the vicinity. Consider the proximity to public transportation networks and the availability of taxis/rickshaws from the property. If feasible, visit the area with a friend late in the evening or night to confirm its safety during nighttime," advises Shubika Bilkha, Business Head at The Real Estate Management Institute.

Security measures in the housing society

Actress Jasmin Bhasin, who resides alone on rent in Mumbai, remarks, "I grew up in a joint family in Kota, and for the past few years, I've been living independently in Mumbai. While it's not frightening, staying vigilant is always wise. I made sure to select a complex with robust security measures like CCTV cameras and guards. I always retain one original document of the staff I hire, such as my maid or driver. I consistently verify the identity cards of any service personnel who visit my home for maintenance tasks. I ensure that my maid is present when the electrician or plumber arrives and keep the door open while they work inside."

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Install security features

CCTV camera

Nowadays, thefts are caught on security camera. A security camera installed outside your home can provide security to the house.

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Motion sensor outdoor lights 

Motion sensor outdoor lights can be installed around your property at every entry point which can help detect burglars and provide additional security.

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Smart locks

Smart locks have become popular these days. They come with remote control features, which ensure safety. Moreover, it is convenient as you do not have to worry about losing keys.

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Smart doorbell

Smart video doorbells with remote viewing apps and offering two-way communication allows one to see whoever is at the door. Hence, one can be a deterrent against break-in.

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Safety alarm and apps

Personal safety alarms and apps ensure additional security. These features are useful to anyone in case of emergency, as they send out distress message.

The Best Personal Safety Devices

Precautions, before shifting into a new house

After moving into a new apartment, it is recommended to replace all main locks since brokers may occasionally have spare keys. Before your move-in date, verify that all door and window locks are functioning correctly. If any locks are faulty, request the landlord to repair them before your relocation. Additionally, if the room is situated on the ground or first floor, ensure that the windows are fitted with grills.

Try and install a chain, peephole or video door intercom, to see who is at the door. “Check if the apartment has security cameras, an alarm system, as well as an intercom. You should also ensure that you have a list of emergency numbers easily accessible at all times,” adds Bilkha.

Hire staff from an authorised agency

When hiring domestic staff, seek references from friends or colleagues. "Employ domestic staff only after police verification and through an authorized agency. Keep a recent photograph of hired staff for tracking purposes if needed. Always store local police contact numbers on your mobile," advises Shravni Pawar, owner of Safe Hands 24X7 Security. Pawar also suggests women learn basic self-defense techniques to boost confidence and increase chances of successfully handling threatening situations. Additionally, maintain a friendly rapport with neighbors as they can offer immediate assistance during emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore are some of the safest cities for women.

Ans 2. Make sure you keep the doors locked, whether you are at home or going out. Install safety features such as CCTV camera, smart doorbells, smart locks, etc. in the house.