Property registration in Delhi: Online procedure


Property registration validates legal ownership and mitigates disputes, guaranteeing transparency and safeguarding property rights. Both offline and online methods are available for registering properties in Delhi. In a recent development, Delhi RERA has reversed its decision to cancel property registrations. Keep reading to learn the step-by-step procedure for paying registration fees online and to understand the recent update in depth.

Property registration is a pivotal aspect of real estate transactions, as only a properly executed registration grants transfer rights to the buyer and validates their legal ownership of the property. Despite being mandatory in Delhi according to the Registration Act, 1908, many buyers delay registering their properties due to the cumbersome, lengthy, and complex record-keeping procedures involved. To incentivize property registration among real estate buyers in Delhi, the state government has introduced an online registration process. This virtual platform not only eliminates traditional registration challenges but also offers a simpler and more user-friendly option.

Create a deed for e-registration of a property

To prepare a deed for online registration, visit the site-

  • Select ‘deed writer’ from the menu, and you will be redirected to a page below
  • Select the relevant details through the drop-down menu and submit

Delhi property registration. online property registrationt

Delhi online property registration, DORIS website

Documents necessary for registration of property in Delhi

Following is the list of documents necessary for property registration in Delhi-

  • Original ID proofs of the buyer and seller
  • Passport-size photographs of both the parties
  • A copy of the property documents
  • E-stamp paper and e-registration receipt
  • In case of agricultural land a No Objection Certificate is required
  • Two witnesses, along with their ID proofs
  • If the transaction is above Rs 50,000, a self-attested copy of the pan card or Form 60 is required

Calculate the property registration charges and stamp duty in Delhi

To calculate the stamp duty and property registration charges in Delhi, visit the website-

  • Select the sub-registrar’s office near the property purchased
  • Fill all the details about the property purchased, including the locality, type of deed and sub-deed’s name

Delhi online property registration, DORIS website

Delhi online property registration, DORIS website

Delhi online property registration, DORIS website

Delhi online property registration, DORIS website, stamp duty Delhi

Stamp duty and registration charges will be calculated based on factors such as the property's locality, consideration amount for the current transfer, plinth area, parking space, and year of construction. Therefore, it's advisable to gather all necessary information in advance to avoid potential hassles later on.

Get a stamp paper of the required value

  • Visit the Stock Holding Corporation of India site- and buy the e-stamp paper of the exact value calculated above.

Delhi stamp duty, online stamp payment

  • Click on the e-registration service under the e-stamping tab to pay the fee. E-registration is an easy and convenient way to pay the registration and stamp duty to the State government.

stamp duty Delhi, Online stamp duty payment

  • Once the payment has been completed, save the receipt for future reference.

Get an appointment at the sub-registrar office in Delhi

  • To fix an appointment at the sub-registrar office, visit-
  • Select the sub-registrar’s office in whose jurisdiction your property is located.
  • A series of documents are also required for registration at the sub-registrar’s office. The documents include e-registration receipt, e-stamp paper with the exact value of stamp duty, two passport size photos and others. All the details of the required documents are mentioned in the lower section of the website.
  • If ‘all the mentioned documents are ready’, click on ‘Yes’ and you will be directed to a new page where e-stamp duty number has to be mentioned. The number would verify if the stamp duty has been paid or not.
  • After the verification process is complete, you will receive a message about your appointment with the sub-registrar.
  • The details of the appointment are e-mailed and messaged on the registered mobile number.

Delhi revenue department, sub-registrar office appointment

revenue department, property registration delhi

Visit the sub-registrar’s office for registration

  • Visit the sub-registrar’s office on the allotted date and time along with the appointment SMS.
  • Present the documents mentioned above at the facilitation counter.
  • Once all the documents are verified, and the process is complete, collect the registration receipt for future reference. The registration receipt would serve as proof in case a dispute arises in future.

To ensure the successful completion of the property registration process, you can verify it by visiting the website. Simply click on the 'Search Registered Deed' tab, which will direct you to a new window where you can log in using your registered mobile number and password. Then, input details such as the locality, sub-registrar office, registration number, registration year, and book number to retrieve the registered deed.

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Latest updates on property registration in Delhi (December 2023)

In a recent development, Delhi RERA has rescinded its directive issued on September 11, 2023, instructing sub-registrars not to register properties that violate bylaws after a meeting with Lt. Governor VK Saxena on November 28, 2023.

Earlier, a meeting was convened at Raj Niwas between the LG, Delhi RERA officials, the chief secretary, and divisional commissioner to discuss the matter.

During the meeting between the LG and the RERA chairman and members, critical issues faced by Delhi residents were raised. Previously, Delhi RERA had issued an order on September 11, instructing sub-registrars not to register additional dwelling units on a specific plot beyond the permissible limit determined by its size. The order also mandated that building plans approved after September 15, 2023, must clearly indicate the exact count of dwelling units permitted on a plot, with separate markings for each dwelling in the plan.

An official from Raj Niwas stated that the LG had received numerous complaints and representations from the general public, politicians, and municipal councillors regarding challenges encountered during the registry of sale deeds for properties being bought and sold.

According to recent announcements, Delhi is set to be designated as a single district for property registration. Homeowners will have the convenience of registering their properties at any sub-registrar's office without encountering any difficulties. This initiative aims to reduce corruption and streamline the registration process, saving time and effort for individuals.

Additionally, Delhi will introduce the Online Complaint Information Management System (OCIMS), becoming the first in the country to do so. This system will enable people to electronically file complaints, allowing them to upload supporting evidence such as photographs, videos, and audio clips. Once the online system is operational, physical complaints will no longer be accepted. Furthermore, the revenue department plans to implement online issuance of No-Objection Certificates (NOCs) for land plots, eliminating the need for in-person interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Registration of General Power of Attorneys (GPAs) is done at the sub-registrar's office in Delhi. A GPA must be prepared on stamp paper of an appropriate value. The same amount of stamp duty as required for registering a sale deed is payable for registering a GPA property in Delhi in case of a non-family member. And in the case of blood relations, property registration can be done by paying a stamp duty of Rs 50 and a registration fee of Rs 1,100. For registration, the principal and the GPA holder must visit the sub-registrar's office. Along with the executed GPA, copies of the original documents proving ownership, residency, and identity must be presented to the sub-registrar.

Ans 2. Yes, property registration is mandatory in Delhi as per the Registration Act, 1908.

Ans 3. In Delhi, stamp duty is charged at six percent, four percent and five percent for male, female and joint (male and female) ownership of property, respectively.

Ans 4. No, there is only an online mode of stamp duty payment in Delhi, however you will still need to visit the sub-registrar office along with two witnesses to complete the property registration process.