All about Greater Noida Master Plan 2041


Situated within the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, Greater Noida serves as an extension of Noida. Its development was initiated under the Uttar Pradesh Industrial Area Development Act of 1976, aimed at alleviating pressure from Noida. Governed by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), the city has witnessed significant growth since its establishment. As part of the government's overarching vision for the city's development, the Greater Noida Master Plan 2041 has been officially approved.

When was the Greater Noida Master Plan 2041 approved?

Greater Noida Master Plan 2041 was approved by the GNIDA in August 2023. The plan is to create inclusive urban communities that share excellent access to social and infrastructural amenities.

Greater Noida Master Plan 2041: Map

Greater Noida Master Plan

About Greater Noida Master Plan 2041

  • It was planned taking inspiration from European cities and the United States, including Chicago, mention media reports.
  • GNIDA has plans to expand Greater Noida to 71,733 hectare by 2041 from the current 31,733 hectare.
  • Greater Noida Master Plan 2041 will be designed in such a way that more than 40 Lakh people will be accommodated.
  • Plan is dependent on acquisition of agriculture lands.
  • Over 40,000 hectare of land is planned to be acquired to expand Greater Noida and establish the Greater Noida Phase-II.
  • There are plans to acquire lands and develop the area around the upcoming Jewar International Airport.
  • More than 9,700 hectare of land is designated for residential development.
  • More than 14,000 hectare of land is designated for industrial development.
  • More than 8,900 hectare of land is assigned for green development.

Real estate prices in Greater Noida

According to, the average property purchase price per square foot in Greater Noida is Rs 6,229, with a price range of Rs 3,833 to Rs 10,235 per square foot. Rental rates are also enticing, with an average of Rs 25,066 and a range of Rs 6,000 to Rs 60,000.

Greater Noida is rapidly developing, and these initiatives will further solidify its position as a highly desirable residential destination. With its focus on becoming an educational hub and plans for a film city, Greater Noida's real estate sector is expected to flourish. If you're considering investing in Greater Noida, explore for comprehensive insights into the real estate market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Greater Noida is managed by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority.

Ans 2. Chicago and various cities in Europe and the US are the inspiration behind developing the Greater Nodia Master Plan 2041.

Ans 3. Greater Noida is located under Meerut division.