Old Gurgaon Metro: Route, Map, Schedule, Fare, and Real Estate Impact

Gurugram Metro, also known as the Gurgaon Metro project. The Haryana Mass Transport Corporation Ltd. (HMRTC) is developing the project with a clearly defined focus on safety. Developed as a special-purpose vehicle (SPV), the project. Both the Government of India and the Government of Haryana support the SPV. Years ago, the initial idea was made. However, the delay was brought on by numerous revisions to the project's designs. The essential elements of the Gurugram metro project are highlighted in the current article. Gurgaon metro

About Gurgaon Metro

Huda City Center and Gurgaon Cyber City will be connected by the recently approved Gurgaon Metro through Old Gurgaon. After years of delay, the Union cabinet has finally given the project its approval. The project will link the city of Gurgaon's two sides once it is finished. The Metro is about 28.5 kilometres long in total. The main line will be approximately 26.65 km long, while the branch from Basai village to the Dwarka expressway will be built for the final 1.85 km. Over 2.5 million people are expected to benefit from the Huda City Center to Cyber City metro line. The construction of the metro line will also help the local economy grow. The authorities predict that 5.4 lakh passengers will use the line in 2026, while 7.26 lakh people would do so by 2031.

Latest News on New Gurgaon Metro Line

Construction Bids Received For the Development of the New Gurgaon Metro Line June 2023: With the approval of the Cabinet on the new Gurgaon Metro line, the Haryana Mass Transport Corporation Ltd. (HMRTC) has floated requests for bids to begin the construction process of the metro line. After the bids were invited, three firms bid to work on the construction of the proposed metro line.

Gurgaon Metro - Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the newly approved Gurgaon Metro

Gurgaon Metro Line beginning station

HUDA City Center, Gurugram

Gurgaon Metro Line ending station

Gurgaon Cyber City

Number of stations on the line

27 (including 1 depot)

Total length of the Gurgaon metro line

28.5 kms

Current status

Approved by Cabinet, work to commence soon

Expected completion date


Estimated cost of construction

Rs 6,800 Crores

Metro line and station type



Haryana Mass Transport Corporation Ltd (HMRTC)

Gurgaon Metro Map

Following is the approved map of the Gurugram Metro Project.

Gurgaon Metro

Gurgaon Metro Stations

A total of 27 stations are defined for the new Gurgaon metro line connecting Huda City Center to Gurgaon Cyber City. These Gurgaon Metro stations are:

List of Approved Gurgaon Metro Stations

HUDA City Center

Sector 45, Gurugram

Cyber Park

Sector 47, Gurugram

Subhash Chowk

Sector 48, Gurugram

Sector 72A, Gurugram

Hero Honda Chowk

Udyog Vihar Phase 6

Sector 10, Gurugram

Sector 37, Gurugram

Basai Village

Sector 9, Gurugram

Sector 7, Gurugram

Sector 4, Gurugram

Sector 5, Gurugram

Ashok Vihar

Sector 3, Gurugram

Bajghera Road

Palam Vihar Extension

Palam Vihar

Sector 23A, Gurugram

Sector 22, Gurugram

Udyog Vihar Phase 4

Udyog Vihar Phase 5

Cyber City

Dwarka Expressway (Sector 101)

Connectivity of Gurgaon Metro Stations

The newly approved Gurgaon Metro line's main selling point is that it will link the New Gurgaon neighborhood to Old Gurgaon. The old Gurgaon area will flourish thanks to the increased connectivity. The ancient Gurgaon area is developing relatively slowly. Old Gurugram is not currently connected to any other areas of the city via a metro line. Udyog Vihar Phase 6, Sector 10, Sector 37, Basai Village, Sector 9, Sector 7, Sector 5, Ashok Vihar, Sector 3, Bajghera Road, Palam Vihar Extension, Palam Vihar, Sector 23A, Sector 22, Udyog Vihar Phase 4, and Udyog Vihar Phase 5 are among the Gurgaon Metro stations that fall under the old Gurgaon neighborhood. Gurgaon Metro Stations that are under the New Gurugram area: Huda City Center, Sector 45, Cyber Park, Sector 47, Subhash Chowk, Sector 48, Sector 72A, and Hero Honda Chowk.

Gurgaon Metro - Cost of Construction

The estimated cost of construction is around Rs 6,800 Crores. Where in the investment planned by different stakeholders includes:

  • The share of the Government of India will be around Rs 896.19 Crore

  • The share of the Government of Haryana will be around Rs 1432.49 Crore

  • Investment by Haryana Urban Development Body will be around Rs 300 Crores

  • PPP investment (lift and elevators) is around Rs 135.47 Crores

  • Lastly, the Pass-through assistance loan component will be around Rs 2688.57 Crores

Gurgaon Metro - Real Estate Impact on Nearby Areas

The development of the Gurgaon metro will graciously increase the economic growth in the Gurgaon area. Especially the sectors that are part of the Old Gurgaon area.

Some of the areas that are great to invest in along the upcoming metro line are:

Sector 4, Gurugram

It is a developing neighborhood with easy access to important employment centers. There are both standalone homes and builder floors in the neighborhood. There is a wealth of social infrastructure and public amenities in the neighborhood. Through a variety of transit options, Sector 4 is conveniently located. It is situated along the former railroad line and is fairly near to the railroad station.

The price range for residential units in the area is

  • Buying - Rs 4,600 to Rs 7600 / square feet

  • Renting - Rs 9 to Rs 15 /  square feet

Palam Vihar

one of the area's older communities. It is well connected to the cities of Delhi and Gurugram. The vicinity is very close to NH 48. Excellent social infrastructure is present in the neighborhood, including educational institutions, medical facilities, and leisure areas.

Palam Vihar has close proximity to Delhi International Airport and other nearby localities. The area mostly has a maximum number of independent houses and builder floors.

The price range for residential units in the area is

  • Buying - Rs 7,700 to Rs 12,000 / sq ft

  • Renting - Rs 13 to Rs 21 / sq ft

Sector 9, Gurugram

Sector 9 in Gurugram is a reasonably priced place to live. Most homes cost between Rs. 40 and Rs. 60 lakhs in the neighborhood. The configuration of 3 BHK flats is very prevalent in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is not far from several other residential colonies and is only a short distance from Basai Road.

The price range for residential units in the area is

  • Buying - Rs 5,993 to Rs 6351 / sq ft ( for builder floor)

Ashok Vihar

It is one of Gurugram's most reasonably priced residential neighborhoods. The Sheetla Mata Mandir and Old Railway Road are also close by the neighborhood. The majority of the homes in the region are detached houses, along with a few low-rise apartments. Along with excellent schools, hospitals, and shopping areas, the neighborhood is adjacent to a number of business and job centers.

The price range for residential units in the area is

  • Buying - Rs 6, 027 to Rs 6,112 / sq ft

Summing It Up on Gurgaon Metro

The development of the new Gurgaon metro line will help resolve connectivity issues within Gurgaon. Currently Gurgaon has limited inter-city commute options. It will also improve the overall economic development of old Gurugram. Finally, it is also expected to have a positive impact on real estate, especially in the Old Gurugram area.