Meet 5 Richest Real Estate BILLIONAIRES - One is from India


Exploring the realm of real estate reveals a realm of immense wealth. At its zenith, this industry is home to billionaires whose fortunes are deeply intertwined with global property markets. These giants of real estate wield extraordinary wealth, molding city skylines and landscapes through their expansive investments and projects. Ranging from tycoons specializing in commercial ventures to those dominating the residential sector, the real estate arena showcases a rich tapestry of affluent individuals. Drawing from various sources, we present a curated selection of the top five wealthiest billionaires in the dynamic world of real estate in 2024.

1. Lee Shau Kee

 Lee Shau Kee Richest Real Estate BILLIONAIRES

Net Worth: $28.3 billion
Lee Shau Kee is at the top of the list of the richest billionaires in the real estate industry. He is one of the co-founders of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (OTC:SUHJY), a renowned real estate and property development firm. It has been reported that his net worth was $28.3 billion as of April 27.

2. Kushal Pal Singh

Kushal Pal Singh

Net Worth: $20.3 billion
Following on the roster of the richest billionaires within the real estate industry is Kushal Pal Singh. He serves as both the chairman and CEO of DLF Limited, a real estate company founded by his father-in-law, Chaudhary Raghvender Singh. DLF is believed to possess a combined 10,255 acres of land, with DLF City, covering around 3,000 acres in Gurugram, being a portion of it.

3. Donald Bren

Donald Bren Richest Real Estate BILLIONAIRES

Net Worth: $18.0 billion
Donald Bren is one of the biggest real estate moguls in the United States. He is the proprietor of Irvine Co., the leading real estate company in Southern California, owning 129 million square feet of assets. His company owns over 590 office buildings and more than 125 housing complexes.

4. Harry Triguboff

Harry Triguboff IMAGE

Net Worth: $16.2 billion
Harry Triguboff, the owner of Meriton, a company specializing in constructing apartment towers. The company provides more compact housing choices and has a strong presence in Sydney. He ranks fourth on our list, possessing a net worth of $16.2 billion.

5. Peter Woo

Peter Woo

Net Worth: $14.1 billion
Ending the list with one of the richest billionaires in the real estate sector is Peter Woo. Woo was the chairman of Wheelock & Co., a well-known real estate developer. His net worth was estimated to be $14.1 billion as of April 27.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Wang Jianlin is ranked among the richest billionaires in the real estate industry. He chairs the leading company Dalian Wanda Group, which invests in real estate, finance, and movie theaters. He is one of the biggest commercial real estate developers in the world and owns over five hundred plazas across China.

Ans 2. The richest person involved in the global real estate industry as of December 2023 was the Hong Kong business magnate Li Ka-Shing, who is also an investor and philanthropist, and had an estimated net worth of 27.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Ans 3. The most expensive property in Bengaluru was recently purchased by Ajit Abraham Isaac, the chairman and founder of Quess Corp.

Ans 4. The owner of DLF (Delhi Land and Finance), Rajiv Singh leads the list of the richest real estate developers in India with an overall wealth valuation of INR 61,220 crore according to the Grohe-Hurun India Real Estate List 2021.

Ans 5. Mangal Prabhat Lodha, chairman of the Lodha Group, is the richest builder with a total worth of Rs 27,150 crore, while Jitu Virwani, who heads Embassy, comes second with Rs 23,160 crore.