LTI bets big on UAE market, looks for $200 mn revenue from Injazat tie-up


L&T Infotech (LTI), which recently expanded its alliance with Abu Dhabi-based Injazat, is targeting a sizeable share of the UAE's digital services market to the tune of $ 200 million in its six years of partnership. Through the partnership, LTI will provide Injazat customers with a mixed set of delivery methods including onshore, best beaches, and the cloud, as well as strengthening Injazat's broader digital delivery system. The agreement comes on the basis of the more than two-year relationship between the two parties and strengthens Injazat's position as the leading provider of multi-cloud services in the region. "We will go to the market jointly to sell IT services in the region. We expect over 750 million dirhams (UAE dirhams) or $ 200 million in additional revenue that will come from this six-year agreement," Sudhir Chaturvedi, Head (Sales) A member of the LTI Executive Board, said in an interaction. Larsen and Toubro While Injazat will benefit from the expanded operations by leveraging LTI's cloud and digital expertise, LTI will benefit from the opportunities it provides to empower new businesses, including government organizations that move to the cloud. CEO Sanjay Galuna said the potential revenue of $ 200 million makes this association the largest in the region in recent years. "This also paves the way for a geographic shift in our focus and also the entire national software industry, as our revenue focus has been primarily North America and Europe," said Jalona. LTI is also planning to increase employment for this new business opportunity, as its goal is to convert existing Injazat customers into what it calls a better delivery model to take advantage of the new era's demand for digital services. While declining to provide revenue or profit guidance as a policy, Jalona said: "We have been the growth pioneers in the industry for a long time and we can safely say that a commitment of this kind should help us maintain this position." Jalona also said that LTI is committed to making more investments in the capabilities required to ensure a smooth transition for companies in the region to the new delivery model. Larsen and Toubro Chaturvedi said Injazat has been providing IT services in the UAE for 14 years, and the partnership with LTI is part of their plans to offer next-generation cloud and digital services. He said LTI has been working with Achievements over the past several years and serving some of its clients. He added that this agreement raises our partnership to a higher level. Chaturvedi indicated that there is potential for further expansion in this deal, saying, "We are looking forward to pioneering cloud projects, ERP, digital transformation projects, and launching a common market for the Abu Dhabi region." He added that the focus will also be on vertical stack solutions drawing on our expertise. Jalona said LTI will hire more people to provide these services because one of the main reasons for this partnership is to allow Injazat to expand and offer more digital and cloud services by converting existing delivery models into future delivery models. Founded in 1997 by Larsen & Tubro, LTI's more than 32,000 employees serve more than 400 clients in 32 countries. The LTI counter traded at Rs 3,334, up more than 0.81 percent, on BSE. Also Read: Jaypee home buyers, wait for court order may get longer