Interior Bohemian Designs: 8 Ways To Style Your Home In A Bohemian Way


Unconventional, free-spirited, natural, and sustainable are all things that define bohemian interiors. Boho can be an expression of nature and the different textures, patterns and colours that are a part of nature.

Do you enjoy the bohemian-styled interiors? Beautiful beige walls, a colourful rug, sofa with many pillows and several plants. Won't simply thinking about it makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

Bohemian style is ideal for individuals who want their houses to be full of life, culture, and unique stuff. Bohemian interior designs are very distinct and appealing, and you can get the aesthetic in your home without appearing too flashy.

The bohemian style defies modern perceptions by using imaginative, out-of-the-box and freewheeling design. Bohemian-style rooms have diverse characteristics in that they are usually eclectic and have comparable elements. However, no two rooms are ever identical.

People that love to live an unorthodox life, such as frequent travellers, actors, and authors, are the boho inspiration. By blending things, colours, and patterns from other parts of the world, the bohemian interior design reflects that way of life. 

Bohemian interior design may be right for you if you seek a style that you can fully personalise.

In the blog below, we share with you eight different tips on bohemian interiors and what small changes you can make to give your home a bohemian vibe. In addition to that we also discuss with you the different characteristics of bohemian interiors, the colour palette, and the furniture. There is so much to know about the bohemian theme in interior design. Read on:

What are bohemian interior designs? 

The term "bohemian" is used to describe someone who possesses a socially unconventional nature and a strong interest in the arts. It denotes an unconventional lifestyle, and its style incorporates informal designs, vibrant colors, and whimsical textures. There are no strict rules.

Conversely, the decorating approach involves the incorporation of layered colors and lighting. It serves as an excellent choice for interior design in a lavish and stimulating environment with a relaxed attitude. Additionally, it aids in achieving an aesthetically pleasing look. You have the flexibility to fully embrace it or take a more cautious approach in terms of what, how, and where you apply it.

Tips for creating bohemian interior design

While bohemian design is known for its rule-breaking nature, certain motifs can serve as guidelines. Utilize these suggestions to craft the perfect, seamlessly curated bohemian interior design. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you create your own impeccably styled boho-style space.


Derived from creeper palms, rattan is a natural, sustainable, and stylish material. It plays a significant role in bohemian interiors, exuding a distinctive charm. The woven patterns created by piano rattan lines strike a balance between tradition and contemporary aesthetics. Incorporating rattan into your decor can take various forms. Drawing inspiration from the shared image below, you may opt for a rattan cabinet in the living room or introduce rattan elements in your chairs. In the bedroom, consider rattan headboards for the bed, complemented by woven baskets on the wall, to achieve a delightful bohemian ambiance.


Creating combinations is a fundamental aspect of bohemian interior design, involving the blending of finishes and layering decor items such as paintings, fabrics, and accessories. The bohemian style seamlessly merges trends with a casual tone, reflecting its playful character.

Each boho interior is unique, akin to eclectic homes, and the intentional layering contributes to its bohemian atmosphere. Affordable and accessible layering patterns are instrumental in infusing boho style into your home. Furthermore, the art of juxtaposing patterns is precisely on point. The captivating practice of mixing textiles, including rugs, pillows, and throws, involves combining different designs, shapes, and sizes.

For consistency, opt for a chosen color scheme. This approach is equally effective for art, ensuring a harmonious balance without overwhelming the space with too many prints or paintings. A well-balanced wall gallery featuring frames of varying sizes, materials, and designs complements the distinctive boho interior profile.


In bohemian interior design, while there are no strict rules, vibrant colors and patterns are consistently embraced. Jewel tones like ruby red, amethyst purple, and emerald green are commonly employed in bohemian settings. Opting for darker and richer hues on the walls can evoke a sense of opulence. Bold colors, such as vivid blue and orange, create a lively bazaar-like atmosphere, especially when paired with other rich colors and intricate patterns.

Rugs and carpets are essential elements in any bohemian decor. The preference for high piles or shaggy textures is attributed to the comfort they provide underfoot. Regardless of how you infuse color and pattern into your boho space, the guiding principle of "more is more" holds true.


The bohemian design conveys a narrative, and the boho environment reflects a wandering existence. It includes a collection of souvenirs from all over the world. Many of them come with a story about where they originated from. Art, sculptures, books, lamps and cushions contribute to a bohemian space's pleasant, homey, and conversation-starting atmosphere.

You can choose things with many colours and shapes. It can be family treasures, homemade items, and trip souvenirs. Fill every nook and cranny of your boho home. Get a set quantity of ancient brass plates from a flea market. 

Experiment with grouping and placement. It is your opportunity to put your life on exhibit. The bohemian design has a glamorous and glam element, thanks to its diverse nature. Use an elegant mirror or a gleaming chandelier to emphasise this. The only rule is that everything in the room must have a story to tell.


Bohemian style is influenced by artists and emphasises handmade things and crafts that express uniqueness. You can see this in sculptures, paintings and wall hangings, among other things. Handmade décor also helps local craftsmen and small businesses, so it's a win-win situation. Several platforms cater to the artisan. 

Natural materials and handcrafted items are championed in the bohemian home design style. Wood is the most significant of them. Wood adds instant warmth and comfort, which are essential in bohemian interiors.

Wicker is elegant and adds texture to a bohemian setting with its gorgeous weaving. Side tables and divider screens made of wicker are a terrific way to incorporate this material into your bohemian house. Create a comfy reading spot with a hanging wicker chair for a touch of whimsy. Leather pouffes and cowhide carpets look great too. 


Without the inclusion of plants, bohemian interior design lacks vitality. Botanical elements serve a crucial role by bringing the essence of the natural world indoors. While being an integral part of the boho style, plants also contribute to improved air quality and infuse any room with an invigorating ambiance. The presence of greenery is not only uplifting but also provides the sense of connection to nature that is characteristic of bohemian decor.

In the realm of boho design, there are virtually no restrictions when it comes to flora. Succulents, with their diverse shapes and textures, are forgiving and add a touch of creativity to a room. These plants thrive with a bit of sunlight and occasional watering. Low-maintenance houseplants like snake plants and dracaenas not only require minimal care but also contribute to air purification. Additionally, design items like woven, terra-cotta, or patterned ceramic planters enhance the overall aesthetic.

To enhance the visual appeal, incorporate plant stands to create different levels. Adding a boho-chic knotted macramé hanging planter can serve as an extra decorative touch.


When envisioning a typical gypsy-style bohemian home design, beads, fringes, tassels, sequined fabrics, and canopies come to mind. It's the decorative accents that provide the wow factor, setting this home design style apart from others.

Creating this distinctive style can be achieved through elements such as sizable patterned wallpaper, a large tassel pendant lamp, or even a massive cactus plant, all serving as impressive statement pieces. Enhance the ambiance by incorporating a lacy indoor hammock in the living room or a hanging chair in the bedroom. For an effortlessly chic look in your boho home design, consider opting for an oversized peacock chair.

The peacock chair, iconic in pop culture during the 1960s and 1970s, boasts intricate curled, braided, and woven motifs that are truly captivating. With its hourglass form and unconventional proportions, this chair adds a striking touch to bohemian home decor.

Add a vintage touch in Bohemian


Incorporating a blend of styles and juxtaposing the old with the modern is an accessible approach to embracing boho decor. Vintage or gently used second-hand items bring a heartfelt touch to boho style, carrying with them a rich history and spirit. Placing such items alongside modern elements allows each object to stand out uniquely. For example, you can drape a fringed blanket over a sleek-lined couch. The key concept here is the encouragement of a laid-back attitude, emphasizing that things don't have to perfectly match.

Older items that contribute to bohemian home design can be found in antique, consignment, and vintage stores. Consider incorporating a soft daybed or couch, a French-style side table, an ancient record player, or a faded mirror to infuse a classic vintage feel. This not only adds to the prevalent features of bohemian interior design but also imbues the space with cultural significance.

Bohemian Interior Design Characteristics

While there are no specific directions for this style, several standard practices might help you get the right bohemian look. The aesthetic is easily achieved by layering diverse patterns, various forms of lighting, and rich colours.

For simple reference, here is a handy chart highlighting bohemian style traits.

In Bohemian decor, certain guidelines can be followed. Warm earthy colors, metallics, and jewel tones are recommended. Establish a base with rich browns, greens, and greys, while incorporating accent colors such as purple, electric blue, and flaming orange. The style encourages the use of diverse color blends and layering for a vibrant effect.

Feel free to experiment with combining various patterns and textures, and do not shy away from incorporating styles that might not traditionally match. Introduce colored textiles and designs to infuse drama and exoticism into the room. Enhance the visual appeal by layering pillows on furniture and displaying portraits and paintings on the walls. Additionally, using white as a backdrop for darker tones can add contrast or create visual space in the overall design.

Boho design highlights lively, contemporary, and clean concepts. It is crucial in a Boho-styled space to mix and match ornamental elements. Combining materials like burlap and sisal with chenille and silk is key. The materials should have a slightly worn appearance but should not be overly shiny or brand-new.

Incorporating pillows, throw rugs, and drapes that blend crochet, macramé, and fringe creates a culturally inspired and comfortable hangout. Classic Boho design elements can include using canopies over beds.

Enhancing the Boho design space with ambient, subdued lighting contributes to a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. Decorate with an array of candles, lanterns, floor and table lamps, in addition to overhead lighting. The global design markets today make it easy to find a wide variety of forms and styles suitable for creating a seamlessly mixed-and-matched aesthetic.

Personalize your Boho space by decorating with family treasures, handcrafted artifacts, and vacation souvenirs. Accessories such as tapestries, old bottles, maps, or mismatched china can add character. While Bohemian design is known for its diversity, it can still exude sophistication and beauty. Don't hesitate to incorporate extravagant elements like an over-the-top chandelier or a large gold-framed mirror. The only requirement is that each object in the room should reflect something about you.

Additional tips for creating bohemian decor 

  • Combine different patterns with rich colours
  • Use rustic and natural and rustic finishes 
  • Make culture a priority
  • Add accents from across the world
  • A thrifted piece is a great place to start
  • Use a variety of textures
  • Mix and match various styles
  • Try neutrals with a boho flair to be more artistic in your design.
  • Pair earthy textures with glitzy ones for a fun touch
  • Include a lot of plants
  • Add a gallery wall for a personal touch
  • Combine Scandinavian and bohemian vibes 
  • Include a statement piece

Wrapping up the bohemian decor 

Bohemian interior design has gained widespread popularity, evident in its frequent appearances on Instagram feeds, design exhibitions, and coffee table books. The adept use of color, texture, and pattern in Bohemian design results in a comfortable and distinctive aesthetic. With its global influence, this style appeals to anyone seeking to personalize their living space, making it no surprise that it has become such a notable trend.

In the above-mentioned blog, various tips on bohemian interiors are shared. Which of these tips resonated with you the most? Or, which bohemian interior design tips would you choose to incorporate into your own home? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Bohemian fashion is characterised by a lack of structure, favouring freewheeling layers of pattern, texture, and colour.

Ans 2. Some bohemian decor elements are hanging chairs, carved wood furniture, butterfly chairs, bohemian rugs, Rattan lounges, botanical motifs and Moroccan pouffe.

Ans 3. When it comes to Bohemian decor, warm earthy colours, metallics, and jewel tones are popular.

Ans 4. Modern boho, often known as urban boho, is a bohemian style variant. Rattan, macrame, and ethnic designs on cushions and carpets are adopted by urban boho.

Ans 5. Yellow, white, green, brown, grey, red and blue are some of the popular bohemian colours.

Ans 6. Yes, indoor plants like the snake plant, different kinds of palms, succulents in various shapes and sizes all come together and complete your bohemian interior design theme.

Ans 7. Woven baskets, rattan furniture, macarame wall art and fringed blankets are all part of common pieces of decor that fit well in a bohemian interior design theme.