How to Save Electricity With 6 Easy Tips

If you have been working remotely for the past few months, you have definitely seen a spike in your energy bill. The question that strikes in mind is, "Has our electricity bill increased while we spend more time at home? Going further to know the specifics of how to save electricity, there are few basics you need to know. According to a study conducted in 2014, an average household in urban India consumes a minimum of 90 units (kwh) of electricity per month. This includes consumption of tube-lights, ceiling fan, a television, a small refrigerator, and small kitchen appliances with typical usage hours and efficiency levels in India. Keep in mind the consumption has increased drastically over the years and during summer seasons. Now, the average units consumed by a household can go up to 200-300 units. Furthermore, the average price of each unit is ₹3.05 but can go up to ₹10 per unit based on the state's tariff slab. Since electricity consumption is a major part of one's household expenses, it is important to know and understand how to conserve energy. Here are few tried and tested ways on how to reduce your electricity bill:

#1: Bring down daily consumption with lights

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Picture: nbpower More use of light bulbs, more electricity bill By keeping bathroom and kitchen lights on when they are not in use can increase consumption units. By consuming just one 50w tube light for total 20 hours, you will have to add 1 unit to your total consumption. What you need to do: Just make sure to switch off all non-essential lights at night as well when not in use.

#2: Always use Ac at 26°C

Picture: Gaijinpot Blog AC's efficiency is calculated by its rating AC's are at their optimum energy consumption level at 26°C. If each degree above 22°C, you will use 3 to 5 % less energy. Additionally, you can set it at low cool or medium cool instead of high cool. What you need to know: A great hack is to switch it off 30-60 minutes before you leave the room as the room remains cool after it has been switched off. Furthermore, remember that ceiling fans can circulate cool air. Therefore, take some of the burden off your air conditioning system by switching on your ceiling fans to increase energy efficiency. This is an effective tip on how to reduce your electricity bill.

#3: Don't overuse water heater

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Picture: homeguide The thermostat used in the water heater can control electricity consumption A geyser or water heater can increase your unit consumption by the minute. Most geysers or water heater use 4000w. Therefore, it is important to be frugal with the amount of time your geyser is left on. What you need to know: Limiting the use of hot water during summer can bring down your total consumption of units. Water heaters are usually set to much higher temperatures than required. If your water heater has a thermostat, make sure to turn down the heat to turn down the units.

#4: Reduce energy consumption with laptop

Aha! Design: An Electronics Charging Drawer - The Organized Home Picture: the organized home Laptops consume more electricity Now that the majority of the population is at home, it is safe to say that the consumption has spiked up. Here's how you can save electricity while working. If you have a desktop you are probably using more energy than a laptop. A typical desktop computer uses 65 to 250w. Whereas, a laptop uses 15 to 45w. What you need to do: Make sure all your electronics are set to sleep mode when you are taking breaks because it uses 0 to 6w of electricity. Moreover, it's important to know that a screensaver does not save any energy. In fact, some screensavers might consume more energy and burn out your laptop faster. Also, make sure that laptop charges are switched off once fully charged as the charger consumes 60w even if the laptop is fully charged.

#5: Optimum Utilization of washing machine

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Picture: Homeguide Before buying a washing machine, make sure it uses less electricity consumption Using an energy-efficient washing machine helps to save electricity and reduce the energy consumption of a household. What you need to do: Start off by switching off the washing machine from its plug point when it is not in use because appliances use electricity in standby mode. Using a washing machine to wash a full load of clothes or half will make no difference  to the amount of electricity used. So, make sure to always wash a full load.

#6: Reduce electricity usage during crucial time

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Picture: pinterest Avoid using non-essential appliances during peak time Yes! India's peak electricity demand usually occurs in the morning and evening for a few hours. This means you pay the highest amount per kWh at this time. Moreover, this happens due to the highest demand for electricity in 24 hours. What you need to do: Avoid washing, ironing, using the AC, geysers, or any other heavy appliance between 6-9 AM in the morning and  4-9 PM in the evening. Article source: Livspace

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