How to Make an NMMC Water Bill Payment in Navi Mumbai

How to Make an NMMC Water Bill Payment in Navi Mumbai

If you live in the beautiful city of Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, you know that Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) produces the household water bill payment every month. To avoid a fine, you should pay the water bill in Navi Mumbai on time. Navi Mumbai Municipality has made payment more convenient by allowing residents to pay online for water bills in Navi Mumbai. Also, online water bill payment in Navi Mumbai can be done with NMMC e-connect mobile app. In this blog we have covered water bill payments in Navi Mumbai – online and offline. We also tell you about the various services available on the NSMC website for paying water bills. The NSMC website offers a range of services including water, RTI, e-tendering, public services and real estate services. These services are: Pay water bill online -Check out Navi Mumbai water bill -Check Navi Mumbai water bill history -payment of property taxes -Download RTI -Check e-offers Water Bill Payment

What is the Navi Mumbai Metropolitan Corporation consumer number?

Navi Mumbai Metropolitan Corporation A consumer number is a nine-digit number assigned to an individual. To the left of the water bill is the NMMC consumer number. If you don't know your customer number, use the municipality name and other information to search for it.

How to pay water bills in Navi Mumbai online through NMMC website

Through the NMMC website, you can pay your Navi Mumbai water bill payment in minutes, whether you're returning from an office or just making a call. Follow these steps to pay your bill online through the website:- Step 1: Access the Navi Mumbai Metropolitan Corporation website. Step 2: Go to NMMC's online payment page to pay your water bill payment. Step 3: After entering the consumer number, click View button. For example, if the customer number is 20023/20222, you must enter the number as 2002320222. If you don't know your customer number, enter your name and station number in the search field. Water Bill Payment Step 4: Navi Mumbai water bill details will be displayed on the screen. It contains information such as customer name, meter number, connection size, address and bill size. Step 5: Before proceeding, review all information and choose Pay Online. Step 6: Select your desired payment gateway and payment form. You can pay by credit card, debit card, net bank account or even with a QR code. Step 7: After completing the transaction, print a copy of the payment receipt for future reference.

Pay your Navi Mumbai water bill online with the NMMC e-Connect app

The NMMC e-Connect application can be used to pay your Navi Mumbai water bill online. The software is available on the Play Store and the App Store for iOS. You must first download the app on your phone before you can use it. Once you download the app, all you have to do is click on the water bill to make a payment. Water Bill Payment

How to check your Navi Mumbai water bill online

If you haven't received your Navi Mumbai water bill in the mail, you can check it on their website. Step 1: Go to the NSMC website and then to the Water Services page. Step 2: Enter Navi Mumbai Metropolitan Corporation consumer number here. The consumer number is a nine-digit number. Choose View. Step 3: The screen will display all of the information associated with your water account including your name, address, bill size, due date and meter number. Step 4: To view a full copy of Navi Mumbai's water bill, click View Current Bill. To get a PDF document, save it as a PDF document.

How to check Navi Mumbai water bills history online

The NMMC website simply monitors payment history for Navi Mumbai water accounts. Follow these procedures to check the history of your water bill:- Step 1: Access the NMMC website and go to the water bill payment page. Step 2: Click View after entering your customer number (nine digit number). Step 3: The latest payment information will appear on the screen. Click the View Account button to view payment history. Step 4: The screen will list your payment history.

How to Find Navi Mumbai Water Bill Consumer Numbers by Name

If you don't know your consumer number, follow the steps below to find it. Step 1: Visit Navi Mumbai water search page first. Step 2: Select Station, Sector and Lot from the drop-down menu and then enter the owner name. Click the Find Now button. Step 3: The full consumer profile will appear on the screen.

How to complain on the NMMC website

A user can visit the complaints page if they have any complaints. However, in order to file a complaint, you must first register and create an account. Alternatively, you can use the NMMC e-connect app to file a complaint. Call or WhatsApp toll-free hotlines 1800222310, 1800222309 to the same number to file a complaint. Water Bill Payment

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation's Customer Service Number

Each area in Navi Mumbai has its own customer service phone number. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation's customer service numbers are shown below.


Customer care number

Complaint number

1800222310, 1800222309

















NMMC Whatsapp number


Water Bill Charges in Navi Mumbai

Following are the water bill charges in Navi Mumbai:-

Water usage

NMMC Water Charges

1000 litre

Rs 4.5

20,000 litre

Rs 6

20,000 litre-27,000 litre

Rs 8

27,000-36,000 litre

Rs 10

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