How to check the construction quality of your new home?

How to check the construction quality of your new home?

Who would be ok with purchasing and living in an unsafe building? Nobody! So it makes sense to be sure and do a build quality check on the house you plan to buy early, or if you've already bought it, it's still too late. All it takes is a little caution, and you'll easily be able to notice things that will tell you about the building's build quality. In cases where you can't notice anything, you still need to do a quality check to make sure the house you buy is a new build. Leaking or peeling plaster from walls is a BIG NO-NO! Checking more elevators, the fire system, if the building is earthquake resistant and even doing a ground test before construction starts so you can request a copy of the test from your developer is the right path to ground control so that you can good quality. Pursuant to section 14 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016, it is clearly stated that the responsibility of the developer is to correct any structural defects within five years to ensure that the quality of the construction is not impaired. engaged. The building must be built using only good quality building materials for its sustainability and protection against water damage. construction quality of your new home

Quality Check of Fitting & Fixtures

Pay attention to minute and small details while checking the construction quality of the house. The fixtures and fittings of a new house determine the comfort level of the homeowners, so while you are in the house, take a walk and check if all the switches and electrical circuitry used are of good quality and ensure proper operation. of the house is essential. Also check if kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as faucets, showers, sinks, drains, etc. are in good condition. You should notify the construction worker immediately if you notice any type of water leak or other damage and the proper installation of doors and window panes. All of these connections must be installed and well lubricated to prevent squeaking during the opening.

Assess the Quality of Concrete Mix

How does the concrete mix help? The strength of the concrete mix used in construction determines the bearing capacity of the structure. Today, ready-mix concrete with an optimal proportion of concrete sand is available on the market. Responsible construction will ensure that the best quality concrete mix is ​​used for the construction of homes, increasing the quality of construction. You can quickly check the quality of the concrete used in construction yourself by driving a nail into the wall. If the screw is easily hammered into the inside without much effort, this means that the quality of the concrete is not up to par. Also, Read - Seven ways to get the Section 80C tax rebate

Check the Plastering

While checking the build quality of the house, you need to check for small cracks in the drywall. Usually, all home buyers tend to overlook this. Most homes can have cracks in the corners or along the bottom of the walls, which may be hidden under a coat of paint, and this quality check is especially important if you're buying an older property. Cracks in the walls can be a prominent indicator of poor-quality plaster or even waterproofing, and many builders try to mislead buyers by using poor-quality materials to build a house or apartment. As a home buyer, you should not be fooled by such offers. Buy your house from a trusted or trustworthy builder that has a good reputation as they will always use the best quality materials, thus ensuring the quality of their construction.

Check the Quality of Sanitarywares and Bathroom fittings

The best way to carry out a quality inspection of sanitary ceramics and other equipment such as toilets, sinks and toilets is to check their general appearance. Quality accessories will always be convenient to use. Check for cracks by tapping on them lightly; a hoarse sound may indicate cracks, apart from this, check that the installation surface is level and smooth. For bathroom fixtures, check water flow, speed, etc., type of sinks and faucets used, how easy it is to replace or find their parts, make sure tile is used in the bathroom, and insist that no they slide avoid accidents

Check the Paint Quality

When visiting the site, look for uneven cracks in the plaster walls, as even minor cracks can indicate that the quality of the construction has been compromised by the paint used on the walls. Lack of processing can also lead to cracks in the walls, and this will increase over time if not fixed beforehand. Quality paint improves the visual appearance and improves the life of the walls.

Check the Thickness of the Walls

It is important that the developer is required to indicate the thickness of the walls during the planning agreements. One should walk around the construction site to do a build quality check if it is always true. The thickness of the walls of the house must coincide with the measurements established in the legal documents of your property. While another choice that can be made is to press any key on the wall, which easily results in a hole, ask the developer about the concrete mix. If the walls are not solid, a hole or crack will be produced in this way; You have your quality control. Knock the walls with the joints to check for cavities or use plywood inside the walls Builders often use plywood walls to add strength to the structure so termites can damage such structures if not managed properly, which affects the quality of construction. Also, Read - Should homemakers buy term insurance for themselves?

Assess the Structural Design

Suppose you are someone who is not familiar with design methods and architecture. In this case, it can be difficult to understand the structural details and verify the build quality through them. Therefore, you can hire an expert who can help you determine the design and structural strength of the building. Evaluate the quality of the building in terms of its resistance to earthquakes, fire-fighting facilities, and emergency exits, and it should be evaluated whether the building was built to withstand earthquakes of a certain magnitude and other common environmental disasters. Therefore, the basic structural design of the building is another important aspect to consider during the house examination which includes the walls, beams, columns, and roof, which determine the stability and strength of the building. They must be in such a way as to guarantee the maximum security and solidity of the building. Most homebuyers may not be qualified enough to check the structural quality of a building, so it is necessary to seek the help of a qualified architect or construction engineer to assess the construction quality of the building structure. a building.

Investigating and Determining the Soil Quality

On a site visit, try to pay attention and quality check the type of soil on which the building is built. You should ask the contractor or agent to understand the exact nature of the soil because its quality can vary from place to place. It is the important element that determines the strength of the foundation. Black cotton soil and rich clay soil are not recommended for tall structures. Buyers should therefore inquire about soil testing to ensure construction quality is not compromised. Certain types of soil will not support tall buildings, and if the soil type is unstable, foundations may collapse. Since the type of soil varies from site to site, the first step in inspecting the quality of a home is to check the properties of the soil on which the structure is built. The type of soil is a very important aspect to consider since it mainly determines the resistance of the building. Builders add sand to the soil base to improve stability, but it generally does not work with clay or cotton-rich soils because they have a very low load-bearing capacity and high shrinkage and bulge properties, greatly reducing the quality of the soil. the construction. Every home buyer should be familiar with how to check the build quality of a property, especially if it has been finished.

Taking Help from Third-party Agencies

Don't be afraid to ask a third party for help. There are many agencies that can help you do a quality check before you sign the settlement documents. These inspection agencies charge a fee based on the square footage of the home. Visiting the construction site and inspecting the walls with the help of a trusted architect may be the easiest way to verify the construction quality of the building.

Role of RERA

Section 14 of the Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act 2016 clearly establishes the responsibility of the builder to correct any structural defects within a period of five years, and it is essential that property owners are informed of this in advance. . However, this is limited only to projects and buildings covered by the jurisdiction of the law.


Is it difficult to find a home that meets high-quality standards, and most homebuyers are unaware of the methods for conducting an effective home construction quality inspection? You may find many affordable properties or houses available, but don't be surprised and buy without checking certain quality standards. Staying in a poor-quality house can put your life at risk! On the other hand, for most people who buy a house that has already been built, verifying the quality of the construction always remains a challenge. Whether it is a large residential project, a duplex or an independent flat, it is not easy for the owner to assess the quality of the building and the materials used in it. But knowing the latest and greatest brands will definitely help. We hope you have found these construction quality checklist tips helpful and informative in helping you make an informed decision when purchasing a home. Now it's your turn to choose a good builder in your area and start looking for your dream home. Learning how to check a builder's reputation before buying an apartment is just as essential as any other verification process. Being aware of nearby construction activities will also damage your building, and taking corrective action early can prevent future problems. Also, Read - Things To Check Before Selling Your Property – Aquireacres