Gurugram: Seven townships get DTCP nod to install gates


Gurugram: The Department of Urban and Rural Planning (DTCP) has allowed the installation of entry and exit gates in seven major cities in the city, following approval from the Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner. Meanwhile, the construction of gates in Nirvana Country, south of City 2, has not been approved. In its order, the DTCP said that to provide a sense of security to residents without hindering movement between and within the colonies, gates would be allowed as long as security guards operated the gates, or barriers, 24 hours a day.  DTCP In addition, the closed-circuit television cameras must be installed by the administrative body of the colony, there must be no impediment to the construction of service roads in divided sectors and roads for the general public, and the gates cannot be closed permanently ", it reads on the order. At a recent meeting chaired by the Deputy Commissioner and attended by DTCP and police officials, a decision was made to allow licensed colonies to install gates. In a planned colony being developed by Adani Brahma Synergy in Sector 60, officials have allowed the construction of gates on the 24-meter-wide inland road in Block M of the colony. The Malibu City Residents Association applied for approval of the guardrail rails and iron gates at six points, and after detailed discussion, officials allowed the gates at five points at internal highway crossings. . But officials did not allow a door at Point Six because it is an entryway and cannot be blocked. The Uppal Southend Resident Welfare Association authorized the gates to Sector 49 near Sapphire Mall, requested and permitted by officials. The Uniworld Garden Apartment Owners Association has requested three entry and exit gates at Uniworld Garden 1, Sector 47, Sohna Road. After detailed deliberation, the circuit allowed two entrances/exits for a smooth traffic flow. The City Planner's Office (DTP) received representation from the Head of RWA, A-Block, Palam Vihar, Sector 2, requesting eight security gates, and officials allowed it. Al-Nakhil's apartments in the south of City 1 and Sector 30 were allowed to install one and three doors respectively. The Nirvana Rural People's Welfare Association requested a single security gate on Revenue Road behind Nirvana County S Block, south of City 2, but the commission decided not to allow it. Also, Read - Understanding TDS on Rent under Section 1941 – Aquireacres