Gurugram: Perfect place for NRI investment in India (real estate)

Gurugram, a city in Haryana, is an attraction for residential investment, IT / BPO and real estate. Gurgaon has one more feather in its hat: the Millennium City is also known as NRI Hub or the perfect place for NRI investment in India (real estate. In addition to NRIs, everyone is seeking to invest in this ancient city.

Let's read a few reasons and find out why Gurgaon is the perfect place for NRI investment in India:

Proximity to National Capital

In general, international investors choose locations near and the country's capital. NRIs are no different. It is easy to track the value of the property in the capital and neighbouring areas, such as Gurgaon. The success story of real estate development in Gurgaon has also been globalized and how it made millions of global investors. This has aroused more interest from investors.


The government has shown great interest in the development of Gurgaon, either by connecting it to the national highway, the bridges linking it to Delhi, or the metro railway. This is a good guarantee for someone residing abroad that property values ​​on the site will remain stable if they are not estimated.

Luxury real estate

The emergence of luxury projects in Gurgaon, such as 3BHK and 4BHK apartments, considers duplexes with outstanding services as one of the reasons attracting wealthy NRIs who are looking for investment options. Some of the projects under construction in Gurgaon with a large number of luxury apartments are being sold to many NRIs through overseas offices. NRIs are an important part of the target market for these properties. The city's commercial and residential properties also offer a wide range of properties to choose from.

Good visibility for rentals

Decent demand, rental visibility and stable growth are other factors that attract NRIs who wish to receive significant returns on investment. Many property management companies in the region assure the reduction in challenges related to rental properties. The management company will answer and respond to all tenant inquiries, ensure that no damage occurs to the property, as well as keep the leased property without leaving it free for a long time. This type of warranty makes it easy for the homeowner to own and earn remotely. This is one of the most significant reasons that NRIs consider Gurugram as the perfect place for NRI investment in India.

Probability of residence

NRIs who have long-term plans to return to stability in India want to stay in NCR. Property ownership in the region is similar to being one step towards achieving this dream.


Many NRIs that invest in NCR have links with Delhi. Most have relatives, are educated in the city, or have genetic ties that make them choose the city. Many Punjabi's, who come from the neighbouring states, prefer Gurgaon when they plan to buy a house.

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