Gurugram municipal corporation: Auctioning properties to recover Rs 15 crore

Retail stores in shopping malls and major markets in Gurugram will not be harassed to pay property tax even though Gurugram Municipal Corporation decided to auction more than 50 of these properties to reclaim 15 shares. One million rupees Gurugram Municipal Corporation has issued an auction notice for stores that have defaulted on property tax payments. MCG News “This does not include those who defaulted due to COVID19. The stores and office spaces we are selling by auction are more than two years late.” Vinay Pratap Singh, MCG Commissioner, said: “We will not take any action against those who defaulted this year only and we will give them a discount also to pay until March 2021. The company also decided to offer a one-time refund of 25% to homeowners with outstanding installments in the fiscal year 2010-11, if settled by December 31. MCG News MCG has closed over 150 properties, the owners of which were unable to pay the fees despite repeated reminders. MCG collected Rs 31 crores in October, Rs 14.09 crores in September, Rs 6.65 crores in August and Rs 105 crores in July. Also Read: Top 9 Steel Companies in India