Gurugram: Commercial power tariff worries Raheja Atharva residents

Gurugram: Raheja Atharva residents are in trouble as Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) charges commercial rate energy for temporary electrical connection to Sector 109 Housing Association. Energy disturbances are billed at a rate of 13.30 per unit. Residents say they are most affected by a developer's "careless attitude" when purchasing a local line, even after seven years of owning it. Anjan Deveshwar, a resident of the association, said: "From July 2014 to May 2019, we paid the energy fee of Rs 10.13 per unit. After several rounds of our efforts, DHBVN agreed to provide us with temporary relief in 2019. and began to collect. " us based on the local price of Rs 6.75 per unit. However, the developer has not provided the mandatory bank guarantee to DHBVN nor has it built 33 kV substation infrastructure so far. " [caption id="attachment_5388" align="alignnone" width="807"]Electric bill charges paper form on the table Electric bill charges paper form on the table[/caption] Of the 900 apartments, around 500 families currently reside in the community but face regular power outages and voltage fluctuations that often result in damage to appliances due to a temporary connection. Prem Singh, President of RWA, said: "At present, a 400 kW load has been blocked due to inconvenience, which was only for the construction period. This load cannot meet the current requirements of families living here. We were supposed to have a load of 5,275 kilowatts, however, our temporary request for 1,500 kilowatts was not met. " Despite repeated attempts, it is not possible to contact the developer representative. When contacted, Manoj Yadav, DHBVN supervising engineer, said: "The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Authority has issued a directive to charge double the energy and fixed charges of those who have made temporary contact for more than two years. We have already issued a notice to the developer to fulfill his full responsibility and seek permanent contact from the state of chaos. " The outage even hampered temporary charging, but Yadav said the developer hadn't even implemented the infrastructure for the 11kV feeder. Also, Read - 15-Ways To Use Kitchen Design With Window For Better Ventilation