Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2020: the best dates for the opening ceremony


It is believed that the Griha Pravesh ceremony brings positivity and good luck to people who live at home. Here's your guide Shubh Muhurat so you can plan ahead to get the perfect Griha Pravesh in 2020


"Griha Pravesh" or the home opening ceremony is performed only once for any home. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail to avoid errors. If you purchased a home recently, this includes setting the correct date for the ceremony. It's best to plan a Griha Pravesh ceremony in advance, to avoid problems at the last minute. Early planning can help you find the best Shubh Muhurat for your Griha Pravesh. To make things easier, we have included auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh in 2019-20.


The auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh in 2020 are the dates mentioned below:


Griha Pravesh Shubh Muhurat dates in 2020


Griha Pravesh dates in January 2020 (Magha)


  • January 29, Wednesday - Panchami
  • January 30, Thursday - Panchami


Basant Panchami is expected on January 29 or 30, 2020, which is very auspicious for home opening ceremony.


Griha Pravesh dates in February 2020


  • February 3, Monday - Dushmi
  • February 5, Wednesday - Akadashi
  • February 13, Thursday - Panchami
  • February 26, Wednesday - Tretiya


Dates of Griha Pravesh in March 2020


  • March 9, Monday - Purnima
  • March 11, Wednesday - Tretiya
  • March 12, Thursday: Tretiya
  • March 18, Wednesday - Dushmi / Ekadashi
  • March 19, Thursday - Ekadashi


Dates of Griha Pravesh in April 2020


  • April 25, Saturday - Tretiya
  • April 27, Monday - Panchami


Akshaya Tretiya, which falls on April 25, is very auspicious for Griha Pravesh.


Dates of Griha Pravesh in May 2020


  • May 8, Friday - Dwitiya
  • May 18, Monday - Ekadashi
  • May 23, Saturday - Dwitiya


Dates of Griha Pravesh in June 2020


  • June 15, Monday - Dushmi


Dates of Griha Pravesh between November & December


There are no auspicious dates during this period. Griha Pravesh during these months brings negative energy that can cause financial losses and health problems.


  • November 19, Thursday - Panchami
  • November 25, Wednesday - Ekadashi
  • November 30, Monday - Purnima
  • December 10, Thursday - Ekadashi
  • December 16, Wednesday - Tretiya
  • Wednesday, December 23: Dushmi


Experts suggest confirming the time period available on the chosen date for Griha Pravesh because in months like April, May, and June there will only be a few auspicious days and you may find it difficult to get pujari/pandit.


Important points to note, before Griha Pravesh ceremony


Vikash Sethi, CEO, and Promoter, says: “Before entering the new house and ending the date of Griha Pravesh, make sure that your home is ready for occupation. Make sure the house is not empty and that someone in the family lives in it, right after the Gria Pravesh ceremony.” Sethi suggests taking the following points into consideration, before doing Griha Pravesh:


  • Ensure that there is no dwarf (hitch) in front of the main entrance to your home.
  • Keep the house tidy and clean on the day of Griha Pravesh
  • Light up the house and use flowers as a fragrance, while decorating the house.
  • Griha Pravesh should be conducted during muhurat as recommended by astrologer/expert.


You can perform Griha Pravesh by inviting a limited number of family and friends, then organizing a grand party on another date, as per your convenience. Since you will not do another Griha Pravesh for the same house, avoid unplanned entry.


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