Greater Noida: 'Missing' plots worth Rs 400 crore traced in Ecotech 6 & 11


Noida: The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has tracked plots worth Rs 400 crore that has not been accounted for for a long time. The "missing" land parcels were traced to Ecotech 6 and 11 with the help of the GPS-based mapping software adopted by GNIDA - "One Map Greater Noida". These parcels, 138 in total, have been infringed, illegally allocated, or are simply unoccupied, the sources said. Despite his presence in GNIDA's records, there was no information on his status. Once these 138 plots are allocated, it is likely that additional industrial investments of around Rs 1,500 crore will be generated, and at least 4,000 new jobs will be created. Greater Noida: 'Missing' plots worth Rs 400 crore traced in Ecotech 6 & 11 Officials said these plots should have been brought under some scheme and allotted afresh. They consider that the files related to these plots were erased or were in the possession of the officials who were later transferred. However, sources said, some of these plots were deliberately kept out of the eyes of senior officials because they may have been illegally allocated. Through the One Map system, GNIDA previously tracked 54 parcels of land worth 150 million rupees across the city, while a further 84 parcels were recently found. A beta or beta version of One Map has been linked to the GNIDA website for feedback from residents. During the same experiment, the system was successful in identifying parcels of land worth rupees crore. The final software will be updated and published soon by the PM. We have faced land allocation and liability issues for a long time. This mapping system started in the middle of the Covid pandemic and we are still planning and uploading data from across the city. Once completed, it will be a truly comprehensive record of all possible city-related data. "The story will be available to all residents online," said Narendra Bhushan, executive director of GNIDA. The system is developed along the lines of the Single Map of Singapore, which is believed to be a more detailed and comprehensive map with real-time updates. "Once the map is ready, it will provide a lot of information with a single click. Greater Noida will probably be the first city in the country to develop such a mapping system," Bhushan said. He added that in addition to the industrial parcels, officials were also asked to draw maps of all institutional, commercial, residential, and IT parcels. The system was developed about a year and a half ago. Also Read - 20 Wooden False Ceiling Design Ideas For An Apartment