Explore 10 contemporary wall mandir designs perfectly suited for Indian homes in 2024.


Many of us desire a separate pooja room, yet having extra space is not always feasible. However, opting for a wall mandir design can be ideal if you still want a dedicated area for performing pooja. All you need is some free wall space to create a sacred corner in your home, whether it's a studio apartment or a larger space. This way, the sacred space seamlessly blends aesthetics and spirituality, adding a touch of elegance and reverence to your surroundings. A wall mandir design serves as both a visual masterpiece and a place of worship.

In this article, we have compiled a diverse range of wall mandir designs, ranging from minimalist to contemporary to traditional styles. These designs offer seamless integration of devotion and artistry, providing options that cater to various preferences and home aesthetics. Whether you prefer a simple and understated design or a more intricate and traditional look, these wall mandir designs are crafted to enhance the spiritual ambiance of your home while complementing its overall visual appeal.

Traditional Wall Mandir Designs:

Explore our thoughtfully curated assortment of wall mandir designs, each crafted to inspire peace, divine connection, and serenity, making for a visually pleasing addition to your home. Take a closer look at the list and select a design that seamlessly blends with the interiors of your home. Whether you lean towards modern, traditional, or minimalist styles, our collection of wall mandir designs provides a diverse array of options to elevate the sacred ambiance of your space.

1. Wall-Mounted Pooja Cabinet Designs:

mandir design in wall

Incorporating geometric patterns into your wall mandir design is a popular and appealing choice. The addition of doors adorned with geometric patterns transforms a simple mandir into a stylish and sophisticated focal point. Featuring four shelves, this wall mandir provides ample storage for all the essentials needed for your pooja. Its aesthetic charm makes it a versatile addition suitable for any room in your house, be it the living room or even the entrance. However, the placement of this mandir ultimately depends on your personal preference. 

2. Hanging Mandir Design:

mandir design in wall

If you appreciate minimalistic design with a touch of sophistication and style, this wall mandir design might be the perfect choice for you. The design features two railing-type frames on either side and wall shelves for storage. The upper part of the mandir incorporates a small shelf-like panel, ideal for hanging bells, adding authenticity and a traditional touch to the design. Create an eye-catching wall mandir for your home by using contrasting colored wood.

3. Wall Mandir Design With Shelves:

mandir design in wall

This is a wall-mounted box-shaped mandir design that can complement the interiors of any home. The main feature of this design includes two prominent shelves that provide ample space for placing figurines. Another attractive element is the door pattern, reflecting a circular design with the symbol "OM" in the center, giving the design a distinctive appearance. This box-type mandir seamlessly integrates into the interiors of any home, regardless of its size.

4. Marble Mandir Design On The Wall:

mandir design in wall

If you're an architecture enthusiast and aspire to incorporate that passion into your home, consider opting for a wooden pooja mandir with a wall-mounted design. The versatility of this wall mandir allows you to choose between dark wood for a classic appeal or an all-white finish for a delightful look. Its space-efficient design makes it suitable for placement anywhere in your home, adding an elegant touch without occupying much space. Elevate the aesthetic further by integrating LED strip lights, providing perfect illumination to the temple. Explore the fusion of architectural charm and spiritual sanctity with this exquisite Wall Mandir Design.

5. Pooja Shelf Design On The Wall:

mandir design in wall

For those who appreciate intricate patterns and possess a discerning eye for detail, the wall mandir design in a soothing sandalwood color presents an ideal choice. The incorporation of two large pillars, coupled with interlocking designs, enhances the overall beauty of the space. To elevate the elegance further, consider opting for an in-built version of this mandir within your home. The seamless integration not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds an attractive charm. With the addition of appropriate lighting and complementary decor, this wall mandir design is sure to capture attention and become a focal point in your living space.

6. Wall Mandir Stand Design:

mandir design in wall

Create a distinctive wall-mounted mandir design by incorporating an eye-catching and attractive jaali panel for specific sections of the wall. Instead of a traditional mandir structure, envision a simple shelf positioned in the middle of the wall. Enhance the visual appeal by integrating jaali panels on the top and side areas, forming an exquisite space to place a figurine and effectively designating the area as a mandir. To infuse authenticity into the mandir design, consider adding a few complementary elements. This innovative approach to Wall Mandir Design not only showcases creativity but also provides a unique and aesthetically pleasing spiritual space in your home.

7. Simple Wall Mandir Design:

mandir design in wall

For those seeking a minimalist approach to their wall mandir design, consider the simplicity and modernity of this wooden pooja mandir. The mandir's allure lies in its side walls adorned with intricate patterns, drawing attention to the exquisite detailing while maintaining a plain and simple aesthetic on the upper and lower sides. To enhance functionality, a small shelf positioned under the mandir provides ample space for storing pooja essentials. While the neutral tone of white effortlessly complements any interior color scheme, you have the flexibility to choose colors according to your personal preferences. Embrace the harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication with this thoughtfully designed Wall Mandir.

8. Stand-out Wall Mandir Design:

mandir design in wall

Discover the perfect solution for compact spaces with this beautiful stand-out wall mandir design, fitting seamlessly into homes of any size. The captivating design, showcased in the picture, employs carved wood to craft an alluring yet simple temple-shaped structure infused with modern elements for a touch of elegance. Notably space-efficient, this mandir design allows you to carve out a dedicated corner in your home, creating a tranquil space for spiritual reflection. Embrace simplicity or enhance the aesthetic with the addition of LED strips and flowers, offering versatility in tailoring the Wall Mandir Design to suit your preferences and elevate the beauty of your living space.

9. Wooden Wall Mandir Design:

mandir design in wall

For enthusiasts of cosmic energy, this wall temple design stands out as a perfect choice, representing a revered life-energy source and serving as a spiritual addition to your living space. The significance deepens as the top triangle of the mandir plays a pivotal role in fostering cosmic energy within the house. By absorbing the positive energy of the sun, it contributes to cultivating an atmosphere of positivity and cheerfulness. Beyond its spiritual essence, these Wall Mandir Designs infuse a traditional vibe into your home, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal and complementing the decor with their distinctive charm.

10. Authentic Wall Mandir Design:

mandir design in wall

For those in search of an authentic-looking wall mandir that aligns with the vasthu of their home, this design proves to be an impeccable choice. Its placement can be carefully considered to adhere to the principles of vasthu, ensuring a harmonious and positive energy flow within the space. Personalization is key, as you have the flexibility to incorporate different styles of patterns that resonate with your preferences, adding a distinctive touch to the mandir that complements the overall interiors of your house. To elevate the aesthetic further, consider the addition of traditional paintings, imparting a magnificent and culturally rich look to the Wall Mandir Design.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. If you like to keep most things simple and sweet, especially when it comes to prayers and rituals, having an exaggerated puja unit can often distract from the real purpose of the space. Simply place your temple against a veneer panel and use lamps, festive lights, and candles to complete the look.

Ans 2. The Temples are considered ideal when made in wood. According to Vastu Shastra, a temple made of wood is propitious and considered to be more religious. Sheesham Wood (Rosewood), apart from other wood types, is considered auspicious for Home Temple.

Ans 3. According to Vastu Shastra, the shape of the Pooja Mandir can vary, and it can be in any shape, such as square or rectangular. However, it is important to ensure that the size and shape of the Pooja Mandir are proportionate to the room's size and align with Vastu principles.

Ans 4. North-east North-east is the best direction mandir facing as per Vastu in a house. If this is the case, make an effort to pray with your face toward the north or the east. Always check to make sure that the mandir direction in the home is not located beneath the stairway or near the bathroom.

Ans 5. Place the idols so that they face either north or east and the person praying should also face one of these directions. The idols should not face each other. Keep a gap between the wall and the idols. Make sure to create a positive ambience by keeping the area clean and clutter-free.

Ans 6. It's best to place your mandir on the ground level. Logic: Vastu shastra propagates the northeast direction so as to harness maximum energy from the sun.

Ans 7. As per Vastu Shastra, any temple or home Pooja Mandir made of wood is propitious and considered to be more religious. From wooden shelves to panels with curves and intricate designs, wood is just one among the very few materials to consider for your Pooja Mandir design at home and even in other spaces.