DLF-4 RWA displays a list of unauthorized buildings

DLF-4 RWA displays a list of unauthorised buildings

In the recent news, the RWA of DLF-4 has just come forward to show their support for the Department Of Town And Country Planning (DTCP) for the stopping of the construction and violation of the building plans in the licensed colonies in the cities. This has grabbed the headlines of the real estate news. The DTCP recently has issued different show-cause notices to some of the few properties in the area of the unauthorized construction. The RWA has also displayed that the list of such properties for the violation of the building plan in the colony's entrance so as to alert the prospective buyers and also to prevent the owners from selling their respective properties.

What problems do the locals face?

In the recent past, the residents of the Sushant Lok DLF of the Nirvana Country and South City 1 have already appealed to the government for checking the unauthorised construction if the rapidly increasing illegal constructions in their area. The intervention of so many people had also lead to the rise of power and water crisis in nearby localities. But this seems to be the very first time that the RWA of an area has given a report of all the real estate properties which do not have legal permission to construct. Therefore, stopping people from purchasing such properties. One of the DLF-4 residents had said that "the situation on the internal roads of DLF areas become terrible as many people have built buildings covering as much as 80-85% of the space area on all four of the building's floors". Some of the colonies are facing the problem of overpopulation with more people living in their than estimated and that is leading to the depletion of resources.

How did the problem start?

As soon as the state government had authorised the registration of the fourth floor of the buildings, there was a surge in the number of people who wanted to construct the extra floor on their buildings. Simultaneously, many of the owners also violated their building plans and opted for building construction which are unauthorised.  President of the DLF-4 RWA G.K. Gadhok has mentioned that if the buyers stop purchasing these illegal and authorised properties, then the problem will be solved.

That is the reason they have released the list of all the construction places and residential properties which have unauthorized construction at the entrance of the colony. R.S Batth, who is the district town planner have said that "it was later observed that a few owners were misusing the scheme and carrying out unauthorised construction".

In the coming days the RWA and Department Of Town And Country Planning (DTCP) will be looking forward to working closely in order to make sure that the trend of illegal construction is being curbed efficiently. The intervention of such illegal construction into the normal lives of the people is very problematic in the long run. So they are hoping that the government will help them in this endeavour as well.