Delhi pollution: Construction activities prohibited from November 14 to 17

New Delhi: Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced several emergency measures on Saturday, including closing schools and universities for a week, banning construction activities, and working from home for government employees, to cope with the pollution crisis facing the city. The prime minister, after an emergency meeting, told reporters that his government would also submit a closure proposal to the Supreme Court. Describing the rise in air pollution in Delhi-NCR as an "emergency," the Supreme Court on Saturday called on the Delhi center and government to take immediate action to improve air quality and suggested steps such as stopping vehicles and imposing a blockade in the area. . national capital. Kejriwal said schools will be closed for a week starting Monday due to high levels of air pollution. He explained that work from home will be done with regard to government offices and a separate query will be issued on this for private offices. Government offices will continue to work from home for a week, according to a statement from the Delhi government. Construction activities will be banned in Delhi from November 14-17. The prime minister said that the level of pollution is increasing in Delhi due to burning rubble in neighboring countries and called on all stakeholders to work together to combat it. The level of contamination has increased in recent days. Kejriwal said the data showed that the air was clean with an air quality index of less than 100 as of September 30, but then continuously increased due to the burning of crop residues in neighboring countries. "This is not the time to point an accusing finger. The Delhi government just wants to bring relief to Delhi residents and children from emergency-like situations and make sure they breathe fresh air," he said. He said the government will close schools starting Monday for a week so children don't have to go outside and breathe polluted air. Schools will be effectively closed even though virtual classes will continue. In a subsequent tweet, Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia said: "All schools, colleges, and educational institutes in Delhi will be closed next week as pollution levels reach the emergency level." He said that the Delhi government was not imposing a blockade, but would submit a motion to the Supreme Court after taking the confidence of the central government and consulting all central agencies, as it would be an extreme step. The Prime Minister said that all stakeholders should work together to combat the air pollution problem in Delhi. Also, Read - Top 10 most beautiful houses in the world 2021