DDA launches special housing scheme to sell over 18,000 flats. Details here


The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has launched a new private housing scheme for the sale of over 18,000 apartments returned by proponents of previous housing schemes. According to the DDA, the deadline to apply for the "Special Housing Plan 2021" is February 7, 2022. "Apartments are offered at a reduced cost. The cost of apartments is likely to increase as of April 1, 2022. The DDA said in its notice. DDA offers to sell 18,335 apartments of different categories, located in Dwarka, Narela, Rohini, and Jasola, among other places. Most of the apartments offered under this scheme are those left "unsold in previous housing schemes" from the Urban Planning Authority. DDA launches special housing scheme to sell over 18,000 flats. Details here The inventory consists of: 205 high-income group apartments (HIG), 976 middle-income group apartments (MIG), 11,452 low-income group apartments (LIG) and 5702 EWS apartments (economically weaker sections) / Janta. Of the 11,452 Low Income Group (LIG) apartments for sale, there are 8,295 apartments in Narela. This is the housing authority's second scheme this year, and the first to be implemented in early 2021. In January 2021, the DDA launched a scheme for 1,354 homes, including the new HIG and MIG apartments. The landlord agency has had trouble selling its apartments since 2014, especially the LIG apartments. Some 12,000 LIG apartments have been redone, most in Narela and small Rohinicating rooms, lack of connectivity, etc. DDA 2021 Private Housing Plan - How to Apply

  1. Applications under this system are accepted only through online mode. To apply online, the applicant must visit the DDA website, i.e .: www.dda.gov.in/www.dda.org.in
  2. The application process, issuance of application certificate, possession deed, assignment deed, etc., and uploading of documents will be done only through the online mode. Applicants are advised to keep their login credentials secure with them and not share them with anyone.
  3. Registration amount / Application funds to apply for apartments under this system- a) EWS (registration money 25,000 rubles) (application processing fee 2,000 rubles) b) LIG (registration money 1000 rupees) (application processing fee 2000 rupees) c) MIG (registration money ₹ 2 lakh) (application processing fee ₹ 2,000) d) HIG (registration money ₹ 2 lakh) (application processing fee ₹ 2000)
  4. If the applicant wishes to apply in more than one category, they must deposit the amount of the registration/application processing fee payable with respect to a higher or higher category, as the case may be.
  5. Result of customization a) Sweepstakes results are displayed on the A website, for example, www.dda.gov.in/www.dda.org.in b) The applicant will be solely responsible for verifying the result of the withdrawal. c) A separate waiting list will also be announced for applicants equal to 25% of the total offered apartments allowed under the priority lottery. The waiting list will only be valid for 10 months from the date applications are issued to selected applicants. Application funds will be refunded for applicants on the waiting list with unsuccessful applicants.

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