Bhu Naksha UP 2024- Check Online UP Land Maps and Latest Updates


'Bhu Naksha' or 'Bhulekh Naksha UP' translates to 'Land Maps' in Hindi. The Uttar Pradesh Government has taken a significant stride toward complete digitization of crucial land records with the introduction of the Bhu Naksha UP web application. Launched to enable citizens to easily view, download, and print land maps online, Bhu Naksha UP provides additional details such as landowners’ information, Khasra number, Khatauni, and land usage type.

The digital transformation of land records through Bhu Naksha UP has successfully mitigated fraudulent activities and corruption while enhancing transparency in land transactions. Accessible through a mobile app, this digitization initiative has significantly increased efficiency and reduced land disputes in the state. Now, individuals have the convenience of viewing and downloading the online map of their land parcel or plot from the comfort of their homes.

To guide you through the process, here are the step-by-step instructions for viewing and downloading Bhu Naksha UP online.

Importance of Bhu Naksha UP 

Ensuring access to Bhu Naksha details is crucial to thwart fraudulent activities. In 2018, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) documented over 135,000 cases of offenses nationwide, particularly involving property and document forgery, cheating, and fraud. It is imperative for users to thoroughly examine all necessary land details in advance to steer clear of engaging in fraudulent deals, such as purchasing disputed property.

The digitization of Bhu Naksha UP empowers users to verify the legitimacy of a property or land from any location globally. Bhu Naksha provides comprehensive information, including owner details, land type, demarcation, boundaries, and more. The online access to Bhu Naksha is facilitated by the Department of Land Records (DLRS) of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Check Land Map Online on Bhu Naksha UP

The Bhu Naksha UP web application allows for seamless access to land maps. The users can view and download clear land maps online on Bhu Naksha UP. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check Bhu Naksha on Bhu Naksha UP in Uttar Pradesh-

Step 1: Log in to the official Bhu Naksha UP website, i.e.,

Step 2: Fill in the details like District, Village, and Tehsil. The following land map will be displayed.

Bhu Naksha UP

Step 3: Click on Show Land Details on the left-hand side to get the land map in greater detail. The information of land and plot type will be displayed. Information about agricultural land, barren, government land, etc., are the details that can be obtained through this feature.

Bhu Naksha UP

Step 4: To get more details of a particular land parcel, click on the number on the map. The plot size, owner details, etc., will be displayed on the screen.

Bhu Naksha UP
The information will include heads such as Khata Number, Name of the Khaatedar, Village and details of the landowners.

Step 5: If you want to download the map, right click on the screen, and click on ‘Save Image’ button. The image will be saved on the computer.

Download/Print UP Bhu Naksha

To obtain the UP Bhu Naksha, visit the official website of UP Bhu Naksha 2023. On the homepage, input information such as District, Tehsil, and village name. After entering these details, the map of the specified location will be generated. Once the map is visible, input the Khasra number and click Ok. The complete details associated with the Khasra number will then be presented on the screen. To download or print the UP Bhu Naksha, navigate to the Map report section on the visible map and choose the desired option.

Login in to UP Bhu Naksha portal

If a landowner has a valid username and password, he/she can easily log in to the Bhu Naksha UP portal. To log in on the Bhu Naksha UP portal, follow the listed steps-

Step 1: Visit the Bhu Naksha UP website.
Step 2: Click on the Login button. The button is present in the extreme right corner.
Step 3: You will be routed to the following window.
Bhu Naksha UP
Step 4: Fill in the information such as District, Username and Password. If you have forgotten the password, you can click on Reset password and enter a new one.
Step 5: Click on the login button.

List of Districts available on UP Bhu Naksha

The Bhu Naksha portal was developed to offer digital access to land maps and records. The State government has worked diligently to incorporate as many districts as feasible, with plans to add the remaining districts in the near future. Currently, land records for the following districts are accessible on the Bhu Naksha UP portal.



Ambedkar Nagar

























Gautam Buddha Nagar













Kanpur Dehat

Kanour Nagar



















Rae Bareli







Sant Kabir Nagar





Sant Ravidas Nagar



Search for Land Map using Khasra number on UP Bhu Naksha

The Bhu Naksha UP web application enables users to search for a land map using the Khasra number. To initiate a search based on the Khasra number, follow the outlined steps.-

Step 1: Log in to the website of Bhu Naksha UP.
Step 2: On the top search bar, enter the Khasra Number.
Bhu Naksha UP

Step 3: Enter the Khasra Number of the plot and click on the search button. The land map/Bhu Naksha will be displayed on the screen.

Get a map report of a plot on Bhu Naksha UP

The Bhu Naksha UP portal permits users to obtain a comprehensive map report for a single plot or multiple plots under the same owner in PDF format. Follow the steps outlined below to acquire the map report on Bhu Naksha UP.

Step 1: Log in to the website of Bhu Naksha UP.
Step 2: Enter the following details on the left-hand side, such as State, District, Tehsil and Village.
Bhu Naksha UP
Step 3: A map will be displayed.
Bhu Naksha UP
Step 4: Click on the concerned plot for which map report is desired.
Bhu Naksha UP
Step 5: Once you click on the concerned plot, a window containing information on the Khatedar and Khata numbers will be opened. Click on the Map report tab on the window.
Step 6. The following window will be opened.
Bhu Naksha UP
Step 7: Choose one of the options
  • Single Plot
  • All plots of the same owner
The report will be displayed on the right-hand side.
Step 8: To download the map report in a PDF format, click on the Show Report PDF option.
Bhu Naksha UP
Step 9: The PDF of the Map report will be ready for download.

Get land type and land description on Bhu Naksha UP

The Bhu Naksha UP portal enables users to access detailed information about the land type and description of a specific plot. Follow the steps outlined below to obtain comprehensive details about the land.

Step 1: Enter the official portal of Bhu Naksha UP.
Step 2: On the left-hand side, Fill in the information like State, District, Tehsil, and Village.
Step 3: The map of the concerned village will be displayed on the screen.
Step 4: Click on the desired land parcel or plot.
Step 5: Under the ‘Land Types’ head, click on the ‘Show Land Types Details’ on the left-hand side.
Bhu Naksha UP
Step 6: The land type details and land descriptions will be visible on the screen. The following information is also displayed-
  • Total Khate
  • Total Owner
  • Total Plots
  • Total Area (in Hectare)
  • Total land Revenue
  • Khata Number
  • Khatedar Name

It must be highlighted that the land maps and land information available on the Bhu Naksha UP portal are ‘Not Admissible’ in a court of law. For certified original copies, the user must contact the Land Record Archive department of the concerned area.

Bhu Naksha UP Objectives

The Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha was introduced to fulfil several objectives. These include:

  • To remove the hassle of visiting the Revenue Department or other government offices in person and making land-related information easily accessible.
  • To reduce the wastage of time and money for getting onto the land map
  • Make Uttar Pradesh citizens self-dependent and digital.
  • Allow citizens to view the map of their village and land via the Bhu Naksha UP portal.
  • To protect citizens from the black market or illegal activities associated with the land.

Bhu Naksha UP Benefits

The significance of land records and essential property-related documents cannot be overstated. Prior to making an investment in a property, it is crucial to verify plot and land map details on the Bhu Naksha UP portal. The portal provides the user with the following advantages -
  • Timesaving – A user can view plot records/land maps as soon as they are updated online. This has reduced the efforts of citizens and simplified the hitherto complex and tedious process.
  • Plot Size Verification – The boundaries and true size of the plot are clearly defined on the UP Bhu Naksha portal.
  • Legality – Details such as land parcel and its category can be ascertained. For example, if the government allows a plot for public welfare, it can be cross-checked online.
  • Verification of landowner – The landowner's name, khata number and address can be verified on the Bhu Naksha UP portal.
  • Easy availability – The ROR (Record of Rights) and the map of the concerned plot can be obtained on Bhu Naksha UP. ROR records contain landowner details, tenant information, liabilities (if any), etc.

Types of layers found on UP Bhu Naksha 

The UP Bhunaksha portal allows users to view the land records in minute detail. A number of fields are visible while you access the maps on UP Bhu Naksha portal.

  • Line_Village_Divide

  • Banjar

  • Talab

  • Well

  • Khad Ke Gadhe

  • Khalihan

  • RO

  • Old Parti

  • Abadi

  • Line_Other

  • Line_Settlement

  • Line_Chak_Road

  • CA

  • Line_Rasta

  • STV04_POINT_2_Point


  • RI

  • PartiJadid

Who Can Use Bhu Naksha UP

Property owners in Uttar Pradesh can effortlessly access Bhu Naksha details by visiting the Bhu Naksha UP website. Providing basic information such as the State, district, village, and tehsil of their property allows them to check their Bhu Naksha details with just a few clicks. Importantly, these services are offered free of charge, and users are not required to pay any fees.

Beyond property owners, individuals such as home loan lenders, property buyers, property dealers, and property consultants can also utilize Bhu Naksha UP to examine details of selected land parcels. This assists them in gaining comprehensive insights into properties while safeguarding against potential fraudulent transactions.

The Legality of UP Bhu Naksha

Despite the online accessibility of intricate land records, it's crucial to note that the land maps provided on UP Bhu Naksha lack legal validity and cannot be utilized for official purposes. For a legal and stamped copy of land maps, individuals should reach out to the revenue office or Tehsil office.

Contact Details of UP Bhu Naksha Department

The contact details of the Revenue department are as follows-
Revenue Board,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Email Id-
Phone Number- 0522-2217155
Conclusively, the Bhu Naksha UP is a satellite technology backed web application that has enabled the common man to access complex land records and land maps online. UP Bhu Naksha is a progressive step towards the complete digitisation of land records across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. To get bhu naksha in UP, Visit the UP bhu naksha website ( and from the dropdown list, select the district, tehsil, and village. Click on Show Land Details. Information such as agricultural land, barren land, etc will be displayed. For more information click on plot number on the map.Details such as plot size, name of the owner can be obtained.

Ans 2. To download the map login to bhu naksha website ( and enter the district, tehsil, and village. Click on plot number on the map and on the information displayed click on map report. Click on Show report PDF and on the right side corner you can find print and download option.

Ans 3. Visit the Bhulekh UP and click on Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin on the home page. Details such as village, tehsil, and district should be entered. Enter the captcha displayed and click on green button. The details of the land records will be displayed

Ans 4. The official website to check UP Bhunaksha is

Ans 5. To check plot map online login to UP bhu naksa website and select the district, tehsil and village to obatin details.

Ans 6. No, Naksha or map obtained from bhu naksha UP cannot be used in a court. To get a certified copy of bhu naksha, contact the land record department.

Ans 7. Yes, you can save a map from UP Bhu Naksha. Just right click on the image and click save image. The bhu naksha image will be saved in png format.