Best 3 Hill Station Properties in India

This blog will be about premium properties located in the Shimla Hills. If you want to experience luxury living, check out Top 3 Hill Station Properties in India which will be discussed below which are the best in class and will bring you peace and satisfaction with higher returns only in the years to come. 

Tata Myst Kasauli-

TATA Myst in Kasauli Tata Myst is one of the most beautiful luxury residential properties located in the lap of nature. Tata Myst is located in Bhoj Nagar, Kasauli. Tata Myst is very well designed with everything in mind. If you want to experience peace and a new environment in your life, Tata Myst is the best for you. This is the first project in India with Biophilic architecture. Tata Myst Kasauli was designed by Llewelyn Davies Yeang Class Architects. The villa project offers a perfect combination of contemporary architecture and features to provide a comfortable living. Tata Myst offers studios, spacious 1, 3, and 4 bedroom residences, villas. Tata Myst Kasauli is spread over a total of 6.12 acres of land. Tata Myst has a total of 16 towers. The accommodation was provided for 96 units. This is a project registered by RERA with registration number RERAHPSOP08170001 in terms of amenities and Tata Myst is not far behind, offering a multipurpose play area, restaurants overlooking Hillside, a gym with all kinds of state-of-the-art equipment. generation, a separate indoor game room, and more exciting stuff. This property is one of the best hill station properties in India and investing in this property is a smart move with higher returns expected for years to come.

Size and area Specifications-

  • The 2 BHK apartments are offering a size area varying from 2585.00 sq. ft.
  • The 3 BHK apartments are offering a size area varying from 2825.00 sq. ft.
  • The 4 BHK apartments are offering a size area varying from 4425.00 sq. ft.
  • The 5 BHK apartments are offering a size area varying from 6945.00 sq. ft.

Auramah Valley-

Auramah valley Also, Read - How Apartment Living Can Improve Work-life Balance Auramah Valley is another beautifully designed farm located in the Shimla Hills. Auramah Valley offers townhomes in a quiet hillside setting. This property is located in Naldehra, Shimla. Every home in Auramah Valley enjoys a view of the woods, valleys, or mountains. The stone and earthy brick exteriors blend with the colors of the surroundings, soothing the observer's soul and transporting it to a state of bliss. You will enjoy a totally serene environment with all kinds of ultra-luxury amenities that will add fun to your life. Auramah Valley offers a luxurious two-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom villa that you can choose based on your needs and desires. There are a total of 175 2-bedroom apartments, 44 4-bedroom duplexes, and 19 distinctive villas. Auramah Valley offers a beautiful club called Manor, a helicopter club, different types of sports activities, a home clinic for any type of emergency, and much more. In terms of security, Auramah Valley is amazing as it offers full-time CCTV monitoring with the help of property staff. Everything is designed very systematically taking into account all factors. In the Orama Valley, you will definitely experience the peace of the Shimla Hills. If you are planning to buy property in the hills, Orama Valley can be a great decision with higher returns and complete peace of mind.

Size and area specifications-

  • The 2 BHK Apartment is offering a Super-built-up Area varying from 1,500 – 1,600 sq. ft. of area.
  • The 3 BHK Apartment is offering a Super-built-up Area varying from 2,125 sq. ft.
  • The 4 BHK apartments are offering a Super-built-up Area varying from 3,000 – 4,500 sq. ft.

DLF Samavana Kasauli-

DLF Samavana Kasauli DLF Samavana Kasauli is a luxury property offered by DLF Group in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. This property is located on Kasauli SH 9, Kothar, Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli is a very beautiful destination that is visited by a large number of tourists every year to find peace. This property is located in the foothills of the Shivalik mountain range. DLF Samavana offers lush forests and scenic trails at 4,800 feet. The property is designed in such a way that most things are energy efficient and the project is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and follows all environmental standards. In terms of amenities too, DLF Samavana is amazing and offers facilities like a swimming pool, restaurants, cafeteria, spa, and many more interesting things. DLF Samavana offers 2 BHK and 4 BHK apartments and villas along with land that you can choose according to your wishes. In terms of quality, there is absolutely no compromise either because the property is designed with the highest quality materials. In terms of connectivity, the property is amazing and very accessible from all the main locations. You will definitely experience peace and quiet in the hills with the DLF Samavana townhouse in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh. Investing with DLF Samavana is a great decision and you can expect great returns with peace of mind and satisfaction.

Size and area specifications-

  • The 2 BHK apartments are offered in a super-built-up area varying from 1,384 – 1,592 sq. ft.
  • The 4 BHK Villa is offered in a build-up area varying from 4,957 ft.
  • The plots are offered in areas varying from 12,546 – 18,383 sq. ft.
All of the above properties are best in class and located in the foothills area. Investing in these properties will give you great benefits and peace of mind at all times. So experience the ultimate luxury in the hills with these incredible hill station properties. Also, Read - How to Start a Balcony Kitchen Garden - Check on Aquireacres