All you need to know about Rajpura Master Plan 2031


The Rajpura Master Plan 2031 represents a significant stride in regional infrastructure development, spearheaded by the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) and the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA). This initiative is dedicated to fostering sustainable land utilization practices across various sectors. Central to its objectives are meticulously designed enhancements in land usage for infrastructure ventures, as well as the provision of accessible housing and transportation options for residents. Delve into this article to uncover the plan's prominent attributes, its proposed land use arrangements, and an overview of the Rajpura Master Plan map.

Key features

Rajpura Master Plan 2031 aims for the development of a vast range of sectors, ranging from industries, trade and commerce to residential and commercial land use. Here are the main proposals of the plan:

  • To enhance the region’s connectivity with roadways between Rajpura and the state capital Chandigarh, a rail link between Rajpura and Mohali has been proposed.
  • For smooth functioning of retail and wholesale activities, land for residential, industrial and commercial purposes will be especially designated.
  • Plans for construction of new roadways infrastructure, including elevated roads, flyovers, rail over bridges, and pedestrian underpasses and overbridges, are in the pipeline to ensure easy commute.
  • Social infrastructure and amenities for education, healthcare and recreation will be developed to serve the needs of the residents.

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Rajasthan Map

Proposed land allocation

The land use proposed for the various development projects under Rajpura Master Plan 2031 has been drafted and approved. Following are the details:

Zone Definition Urbanisable limit %
Residential Zone designated for people to live in 62.06
Commercial Area specially for shops, businesses and related activities 0.13
Industrial zone Areas that will house factories, manufacturing plants and industrial estates 17.01
Wholesale warehousing zone Areas for wholesale trading and storage facilities 3.79
Mix zone Zones that allow multiple activities and serve a range of purposes 8.89

Rajpura Master Plan 2031 map

Rajpura Master Plan 2031

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. The plan is being undertaken by Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) and Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA).

Ans 2. Among the main aims of this plan are extensively planned upgrades for land use patterns for infrastructure projects and affordable housing and transportation for the residents of the region.

Ans 3. The plan aims to enhance connectivity between Rajpura and Chandigarh by enhancing the roadways.

Ans 4. Social infrastructure and amenities for education, healthcare and recreation have been proposed under this plan to serve the needs of the residents.

Ans 5. This plan covers residential, commercial, industrial and wholesale and warehousing sectors.

Ans 6. The highest percentage of land has been allocated for residential purposes at 62.06 percent.

Ans 7. 17.01 percent of the total land has been allocated for industrial activities.