15 Stylish TV Unit Design Ideas To Level Up Your Living Room


A TV Unit design has become an essential component of the living room, just like any other piece of furniture in the home. It is one of the most striking pieces and most likely what guests notice when they enter the living area. TV panel unit designs today serve a greater purpose than simply housing your television. They are available in a variety of forms and styles, ranging from traditional and beautiful to sleek and simple. Modern TV unit designs can be customized to meet the needs of the consumer and are offered in a variety of styles. However, you must question yourself why you require a TV cabinet design before making a purchase. Is it there to hide the untidy cords or to house your television? Or perhaps it's for extra storage and a place to show off your home's decor? You can choose the best TV panel design by asking yourself the following questions. We go through several tv unit designs and styles for the living room as well as some important considerations one must make when purchasing a tv cabinet unit for their home.

20 Contemporary TV Unit Designs for Hall

Check these stylish TV unit designs for your home. And choose the one that goes with your style and home decor.

 1. TV Unit Design - Modern TV Cabinets For Living Room

Make sure the design of your TV panel matches the contemporary furniture and stylish decor in your living space. A TV cabinet design that strikes the ideal mix between warmth and simplicity defines the modern TV unit aesthetic. Choose a TV wall unit design with earthier materials, such as wooden panels, metals, and wood veneers, to keep your living room's contemporary appearance. To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, use neutral or warm colors for the color scheme of your main hall contemporary tv unit design. To make the space look fuss-free and attractive, try choosing a modern TV unit style with horizontal and vertical lines. [caption id="attachment_9213" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design The main hall has a modern tv unit design with black TV on the wall.[/caption]

2. TV Unit Design - Low Shelf TV Unit Design For Living Room

Your choice here will depend on the needs of your living space and size. A low rack TV unit has the capacity to accommodate much more than the TV and can be easily changed even in a tiny living room. Such a modern TV unit design can provide the impression that the space is larger and more open in both the living room and the bedroom. It can serve a variety of purposes, including displaying books, a CD player, a DVD collection, or any other tiny display item that fits neatly inside the low-lying tv unit shelves. [caption id="attachment_9214" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design Modern living room with low shelf tv panel design.[/caption]

3. Simple TV Unit Designs For Small Living Rooms

This is unquestionably one of the most popular and highly favored TV panel styles in Indian homes. This TV unit design works especially well in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and a few others where space is at a premium. This TV panel design with storage space is not only gorgeous but also practical for tiny living rooms or bedrooms. This is a fantastic TV unit design for skinny TVs as well as outdated, massive TVs that hog too much space in the room. Place this contemporary TV stand in the space and observe how it quickly becomes a contemporary living space. [caption id="attachment_9215" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design Simple TV panel design placed in the living room.[/caption]

4. Corner TV Unit Design For Hall

The corner TV panel design has also been added to the list of the finest TV unit designs. This design is once again a great option for people who have a tiny living room or limited area to keep their TV unit. Such a contemporary built-in TV wall unit design fits into the corner space without obstructing the remainder of the living area space thanks to its fantastic angled sides. This is the finest method for utilizing the corners and maximizing the space in the room. Another benefit of having a corner TV wall unit is that, because to its unusual positioning, it can be seen from any direction in the hallway. This eliminates the need to strain your neck to watch your favorite comedy or serial on television. Simply turn your head to the room's corner to take in the scene. [caption id="attachment_9216" align="aligncenter" width="564"]TV Unit Design Corner TV unit design to make the space functional and modern.[/caption]

5. Wooden TV Unit Design In Living Room

The timber aesthetic is timeless. The timeless appeal of wood will never go out of style, and a traditional home's TV unit design requires warm wood tones. Choose from a Teak, Sheesham, or Mango TV cabinet from the many designs and colors available. Choose your TV cabinet design for the living room based on the interior decor and color scheme of the building. Given the huge variety of textures, styles, and colors available for this TV wall unit design, wood is one of the most popular materials for making the ideal TV cabinet. A hardwood TV cabinet is adaptable and attractive to look at. A wooden TV cabinet will blend in beautifully with both your traditional and rustic home decor and your opulent furnishings. The only material that is both classic and lovely is wood. Your living area will look better if you set your wooden TV cabinet against a plain wall.Even the dullest living space may be given life and made to look dynamic and lovely with this main hall modern tv unit design. The sleek wooden panel and the plain wall in this photo go well with the wooden TV stand and the LED TV. [caption id="attachment_9217" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design Modern living area with wooden panel and a wooden tv panel design.[/caption]

6. Glass TV Unit Designs In Living Room

Another extremely popular design that is popular for giving the living room a contemporary feel is the glass tv cabinet style. They're one of the most popular TV cabinet designs and a terrific option for tiny living areas because they take up substantially less space. Such a television panel design is made of clear glass and is typically made of black glass because it complements black televisions. These shelf designs can be customized and are frequently supported by a metal border. Choose tempered glass over regular glass if you want to go with a glass tv stand design because it is thicker and offers superior safety. [caption id="attachment_9218" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design Glass tv shelf placed in the room.[/caption]

7. Multi-Purpose TV Cabinet / Shelf-Style TV Unit Design

A useful TV panel design with open shelves is a clever way to display your home decor items in your living space. Such a contemporary TV unit serves as a multifunctional TV cabinet that improves the appearance and serves as storage space. These shelves can be created or customized to your specifications. You can choose various-sized shelves to place around the television and use that area to store extra ornamental items like indoor plants, your book collection, awards and trophies, miniatures, etc. Additionally, these shelves can be created in various sizes and designs to offer your living space a distinctive appearance. [caption id="attachment_9219" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design A smart TV hanging on the wall with shelves.[/caption]

8. TV Unit Design - Sleek TV Panel Design

Another common TV panel style that works well in a family room or lounge is a sleek TV unit design. This tv unit design kind easily fits in and takes up a lot less space, regardless of the available area in the room. These cutting-edge contemporary built-in TV wall unit designs have gained popularity, particularly in living spaces like apartments and flats. Apartments are getting smaller, thus a streamlined TV unit design works well when there is a shortage of room. To rapidly and easily brighten the living area, install some LED strip lights around the perimeter. [caption id="attachment_9220" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design Brown living room with tv panel design and television set.[/caption]

9. PVC TV Unit Design

You've probably all heard of PVC planters and ceilings, but have you heard of PVC TV panel design? Yes, PVC panel designs exist as well. They are somewhat more affordable than other market-available TV panel design possibilities. Look at how brilliantly the PVC Panel design in the image's black marble pattern contrasts with the background's light-colored walls. Choose this PVC TV unit design to bring a touch of beauty and elegance to your room if you enjoy experimenting with distinctive design and a rich interior appearance. [caption id="attachment_9221" align="aligncenter" width="564"]TV Unit Design A smart TV is placed on a PVC TV panel with an overhead glass shelf.[/caption]

10. Modern Floating TV Unit Design

Another excellent TV unit design, and an intriguing placement option for TVs in compact flats. Consider obtaining a contemporary floating TV cabinet instead of taking up room on the floor. Your custom TV cabinet is complete after you add some accessories or decor! The brick wall in the background is what distinguishes this area. [caption id="attachment_9222" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design A floating TV cabinet design to add a unique element to your interiors[/caption]

11. Sleek TV Unit Design with Brick Wall

Your family area can become more luxurious and elegant with a modern, sleek TV unit design. Use a wall to your advantage by being inventive. Create a black brick wall to give your living space a contemporary, industrial atmosphere. While the clock and paintings hung over the television create a smart atmosphere, the rustic, sleek oak cabinet with white storage on the right seems ultra-modern. The chic planters on either side finish the appearance. [caption id="attachment_9223" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design Modern, industrial living area with black brick wall and wooden TV unit design[/caption]

12. An Arched TV Unit Design with Wooden Cabinetry and Panels

If you're tired of the minimalist, wooden TV unit designs, consider layering your TV unit with an arching frame to define a certain place. Design a wooden arch inside the wall, then add panels on either side of it. This will offer your TV unit design a distinctive touch and keep things understated yet attractive. The room is made more utilitarian by the wooden cabinets that have been painted white. To display your decorative items and dress up the appearance of this arched TV unit design, you can also create open shelves on the sides. [caption id="attachment_9224" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design Classic, arched wooden TV unit design with panelling on either side and cabinetry for storage[/caption]

13. Minimalistic, Sleek White TV Unit Design

When it comes to planning the interior of a home, minimalism always prevails. When installing a TV unit design, be reasonable. Use a modern, white, wooden unit with ample drawer space to house your TV accessories to express your creativity. Decorate it on either side with vibrant greenery displayed in subdued white vases. To finalize the design and give a touch of luxury and glitz to the decor, place a modern floor lamp with a comparable white finish on one side. [caption id="attachment_9225" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design A sleek TV unit in white with bright peach paint on the walls makes an ideal addition to modern homes[/caption]

14. Rustic Wooden Panel TV Unit Design

This is for you if you prefer a simple, minimalist look! Both traditional and modern homes have traditionally been mostly made of wood. Using a wooden panel TV unit with a cream-colored finish, add calm and beauty to your modern living area. Install matching wooden flooring panels. Additionally, you can mount a few panels on the ceiling above your TV set. To improve the appearance of your living room, all you need are a few straightforward vases filled with live plants and flowers and a modern, metallic floor light. [caption id="attachment_9226" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design A simple and subtle TV unit design with wooden panels on the wall, flooring and ceiling makes a luxury addition to your contemporary home[/caption]

15. Traditional TV Unit design

This TV unit style is ideal if you prefer to keep things straightforward and understated. Imagine a modern TV stand with ample drawers above and below it to neatly store everything. Keep it simple with a beige and brown paint mix, and use complementary colors for the rest of the decor. The drawers' modern metal handles will increase this design's durability. [caption id="attachment_9227" align="aligncenter" width="500"]TV Unit Design This simple and traditional TV unit design with enough drawers is a functional addition to your living area[/caption]

Best material for TV Unit Design Ideas

When picking the tv unit design for home it is important to keep in mind the material. There are tons of material and designs available in the market; however, the right material plays a crucial role. Check out some of the best tv unit design materials that are appropriate for your home:

Metal: Metal material is durable and sturdy pick for a tv unit design idea. A metal tv unit design comes in a variety of designs including brushed nickel, stainless steel and more.

Wood: Wooden material is one of the most popular and highly-preferred materials for TV units. Besides adding an aesthetic appeal to the room the wood material for tv unit design is also very durable and long-lasting.

Glass: If you're looking for a chic and classy tv unit design then a glass tv unit design is exactly what you need. But before buying a glass material tv unit you must keep in mind that this option is not a durable one as compared to the other tv unit design materials

Fibre or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): Here is an affordable tv unit design option if you are looking for something lightweight and easy to move.

Benefits of Bespoke TV Units

Bespoke TV units turn your living area into a clutter-free and organised space while enhancing comfort, functionality and viewing experience. Here are some essential benefits of bespoke TV unit designs:

Bespoke TV units provide ample space for storage: Bespoke TV units can be designed with any storage type and can comprise cupboards, drawers, bookcase, display shelving and a wine rack. You can hide your kids’ toys and unnecessary stuff in the cupboards and display exclusive decor pieces on the shelves.

Bespoke TV units clear space and give your living room a spacious feel: Regular TV units take up much space on the floor and are not designed to hide wires. A bespoke TV unit can be customised as an entire wall unit or into any angle to support the TV completely.

Bespoke TV units are available in several material and design combos: Bespoke TV units can be customised in several design and material combinations to match your current living room furniture.

Bespoke TV units are aesthetically attractive: These TV units allow the TVs to be concealed in many ways that can help you use your living area as an entertainment zone or as a place to limit distractions for your kids.

Summing Up - TV Unit Design Ideas For Living Room

These TV unit design suggestions are now your go-to resource for the newest TV panel designs. Select the one that best fits your house now. You can choose the design you like based on the size of your living room or bedroom from a selection of several TV unit and TV wall unit designs in various sizes and forms. A large TV unit, for instance, will not look good in a tiny living room with light-colored furnishings. Therefore, take into account each of these factors before you choose a TV unit design for your home.

If you liked reading about all the current modern TV panel designs on our list, you might also be interested in checking out some interesting POP Designs for LCD TV wall units. Let us know which main hall modern tv unit design you favor in the comments section below.


Q. What is the standard height of a TV unit design?

The standard height of modern Tv unit design must measure between 50 to 60 cm in height so it could provide a clear vision.

Q. What are the latest main hall modern TV unit designs online ?

Some of the main hall modern tv unit designs include - Compact TV cabinets, modern built in tv wall unit designs, wall-mounted TV unit designs, open TV showcases and TV cupboards are some of the latest and popular TV unit designs online.

Q. What is a TV unit design used for?

A TV unit or a tv panel design is used to place the TV and speakers. One can also use the tv cabinet unit design to display trinkets, to place souvenirs or photo frames.

Q. What is the primary material used to make TV units cabinets ?

TV cabinet unit or TV panel designs are typically made of termite-resistant sturdy wood, glass, or metal.

Q. What is the easiest way to style TV unit designs?

You can beautify your TV unit design with candle holders, planters and ornaments. If there is enough space, you can consider decorating with accessories in different sizes; otherwise, go for a single item for a subtle, crisp look.

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