10 Small Space Design Tricks Will Truly Maximize Your Area


Arranging all your belongings in a small house or apartment can be a daunting task. The challenge becomes even greater when you strive to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. However, this is precisely what makes small space design so enjoyable. Overcoming these obstacles with clever solutions is incredibly rewarding. Fortunately, we have a multitude of small space tricks to share, ranging from innovative storage solutions and hidden compartments to visual illusions and more. Whether you reside in a studio apartment or simply want to maximize the potential of a compact room in a small house, our small space design ideas will not only create an illusion of spaciousness but also infuse style into your living space.

Incorpoate Reflective Materials

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn employed white lacquered walls and glossy tiles in this space, providing a recommendation worth considering. These high-shine materials possess reflective qualities that mimic the amplifying effect of a mirror. As a result, they bounce light throughout the room, contributing to a sense of spaciousness and airiness. Small Space Design Tricks

Opt for Pocket Doors

By incorporating pocket doors with glass windows, you can facilitate the flow of shared light throughout the space while simultaneously creating a sense of separation. These doors offer the added advantage of sliding seamlessly into the wall when not in use, minimizing the space they occupy compared to traditional swinging doors. Small Space Design Tricks

Add a Gallery Wall

Contrary to intuition, covering a wall from floor to ceiling can actually create the illusion of a larger space, even in small areas. In the apartment of Rudy Saunders, this effect is achieved through an assortment of framed works, accompanied by an oversized watch clock. By drawing the eye upwards, the 375-square-foot studio feels more expansive and visually open. Small Space Design Tricks

Be Resourceful

In situations where space is at a premium and there is a desire to avoid purchasing new and bulky furniture, repurposing a chair as a side table and incorporating wall sconces can be a clever solution to save surface space. Additionally, opting for a cheerful color, such as a soft turquoise hue, can help establish a positive and uplifting ambiance in a compact room. Small Space Design Tricks

Think Vertically

Designer Eneia White employs a unique technique of hanging subway tile vertically, deviating from the commonly seen horizontal arrangement. This creative choice lends an illusion of height and streamlined aesthetics to this modestly sized bathroom. To prevent any sense of clutter, a restrained color palette of black, white, and blush is utilized. Small Space Design Tricks

Hide the Utilities

To address the presence of pipes and HVAC systems at the restaurant in The Cornell Inn, designer Toledo Geller employed drapery in a clever manner. This design choice not only effectively conceals the unsightly elements but also creates an elegant canopy, maintaining a visually harmonious environment without any distractions. Small Space Design Tricks

Hang a Swing!

A swinging seat can create the illusion of a more spacious room as it doesn't occupy any physical floor space. A prime example is the daybed Tiffany Brooks installed in this room at the Kips Bay Palm Beach showhouse, showcasing the effect. By hanging the daybed, the room maintains an open and expansive feel while providing a unique and visually appealing seating option. Small Space Design Tricks

Shrink Your Dining Table

Don't limit small round tables to breakfast nooks alone. Instead of a large dining table, consider embracing a small, round dining table to create additional space. Take inspiration from Emily Henderson, who opted for this approach, demonstrating how it can provide extra room while still serving as a functional and stylish centerpiece. Small Space Design Tricks

Use a Day Bed

Incorporating a day bed into your bedroom has the remarkable ability to effectively double its size. Furthermore, if you don't have a dedicated guest room, a day bed can prove to be a practical addition to your living room, serving multiple purposes. Small Space Design Tricks

Maximize Shelving

Cece Barfield Thompson brilliantly organized the books and accessories of this Manhattan apartment's owner in a single room. By incorporating built-in shelves with gallery lights, the items are showcased with intention and purpose. The most exciting aspect? This thoughtfully designed library also serves as a dining room within the constraints of the small apartment. Small Space Design Tricks

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