10 Designs of Wall mounted Beds to Optimize Space


A foldable bed that can be mounted on the wall is a useful way to save space in small apartments or guest rooms. These beds can be effortlessly installed on the wall and folded away when not being used, opening up important floor space. They come in different sizes and designs such as single, double, and queen, and can be personalized to complement the room's decor.

Are you in search of furniture that serves multiple functions while also providing the same comfort as a bed? This is a compact sleeping option meant to be mounted on a wall and conveniently stored when not in use. It is an ideal complement for compact bedrooms, studio apartments, or small homes, where maximizing space is crucial. This article discusses wall-mounted foldable beds and their distinguishing features compared to Murphy beds.

What are wall-mounted foldable beds?

For rooms with limited space, wall-mounted foldable beds are a compact sleeping solution that saves space. These beds are firmly fixed to the wall, allowing them to be folded up and stored vertically when not in use. With a hinge or pivot mechanism, these foldable beds create extra floor space. Perfect for small living areas, the wall-mounted foldable bed in guest rooms is a flexible choice for your home. These foldable beds mounted on the wall seamlessly blend comfort and practicality.

What is the difference between a Murphy and a wall bed? 

If you are confused between a Murphy bed and a wall bed, then check out the table below to make an informed decision:

Are beds attached to the wall safe?

Wall-mounted beds are seen as a secure choice because of their robust mounting system. Experts securely attach them to the walls using top-notch hardware and careful weight distribution. Nevertheless, it is crucial to make sure that the bed is firmly fastened to the wall and that all screws and bolts are adequately tightened.

Incorrect installation of the bed may lead to instability, creating a potential safety risk. It is necessary to adhere to basic rules such as opening or closing the bed and to avoid standing on or jumping on it.

Wall-mounted foldable bed latest designs 

Wooden folding bed

wall mounted bed

The wooden folding bed exudes traditional charm and warmth, making it a classic option for those who appreciate traditional aesthetics. Made from sturdy wood, this not only offers a dependable place to sleep but also brings a touch of classic sophistication to any space. The ability to fold does not detract from the beauty of wooden craftsmanship, ensuring practicality. This makes it a timeless and fashionable choice for different types of interior designs.

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Modern folding bed with storage

wall mounted bed design

The modern folding bed with storage is a versatile addition suitable for today's homes. The bed provides practical storage compartments seamlessly, thanks to its simple design and comfortable fold-up mechanism. Providing a flawless combination of style and practicality, it serves as a compact central point for both relaxation and organization in contemporary living areas.

Folding bed

bed back wall design

The folding bed is all about easy convenience, showcasing simplicity at its finest. Effortlessly meeting occasional sleeping needs with a simple folding mechanism. Its straight forward implementation guarantees easy-to-use operation without any extra features. The collapsible bed is a dependable and uncomplicated option for people looking for a simple and convenient solution.

Wall-mounted folding bed

bed wall design

Designed for small living spaces, the wall-mounted foldable bed maximizes the idea of saving space. Safely fastened to the wall, it seamlessly converts from a cozy bed to a subtle wall decoration. Perfect for optimizing room flexibility, this bed embodies both efficiency and style, perfect for those who value functionality and a clutter-free space.

Trendy Murphy bed

wall bed

Blending modern style with traditional practicality, the Trendy Murphy bed stands out in modern homes. The stylish design, paired with the iconic folding feature, demonstrates a dedication to both fashion and usefulness. This bed stands out and offers a cozy place to sleep, transforming the idea of Murphy beds.

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Folding bed with a sofa unit

wall bed design

Tapping into the capabilities of multi-purpose areas, the sofa unit with a folding bed is a powerful combination of versatility and comfort. During the daytime, it changes into a fashionable couch, providing a chic seating option. During night time, it easily transforms into a cozy bed, displaying its flexibility for contemporary living situations with limited space.

Single folding bed

wall bed design ideas

Intended for individuals who sleep alone, the single folding bed demonstrates that small can still be cozy. The bed's fold-up feature makes it perfect for guest rooms or small living areas that require space-saving. The foldable bed is designed to meet the practical requirements of solo sleepers while ensuring they still experience comfort.

King-size folding bed

wall folding bed

Created for individuals who sleep alone, the single folding bed demonstrates that being small can still be cozy. The bed's fold-up design makes it perfect for guest rooms or small living spaces that require space-saving solutions. The foldable bed meets the practical requirements of solo sleepers while ensuring comfort is not sacrificed.

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Metal folding bed

wall bed design

A metal folding bed provides a blend of modern style with strength and sturdy build. Made from durable metal, it offers a secure structure while also embodying a simple and industrial style. The ability to fold makes it more practical, making it an ideal sleeping option for your house.

Folding bed with wardrobe

wall bed design

You have the option to select a folding bed paired with a wardrobe in order to make the most of the space that is available. This bed consists of a cozy bed and extra storage in the wardrobe. This design meets the functional requirements of smaller bedrooms or multipurpose rooms, providing a comprehensive solution in one. The room becomes organized by combining the foldable bed with generous storage space.

Right placement for wall-mounted foldable bed 

When dealing with wall-mounted folding beds, where they are placed is a crucial factor to consider. Here are seven suggestions for arranging your space effectively.

Guest room

bed back wall design

A bed attached to the wall is a wonderful upgrade to a guest room, as it enables you to utilize the area for different activities when visitors are not present.

Home office

If you work remotely, a wall-mounted bed is an excellent option to incorporate a sleeping space into your office while still optimizing your workspace.

Studio apartment

bed back wall design

A wall-hung bed is an ideal choice for a studio apartment with limited space. When the bed is not being used, it can be folded up to free up more living space.

Vacation home

bed back wall design

For those with a vacation home, opting for a wall-mounted bed offers an excellent means of optimizing space while ensuring guests enjoy comfortable sleeping arrangements.


A bed attached to the wall is an enjoyable feature in a playroom, offering a comfortable space for children to read, unwind, or rest.

Small room

bed back wall design

In a small room, every inch of space counts. A wall-mounted bed is an excellent way to conserve space while still providing a comfortable sleeping area.

Basement or Attic

If you have a cellar or upper storage area that you want to transform into a guest room or living space, a wall-mounted bed is a good option to create a sleeping space without using too much floor space.

To conclude, a wall-mounted foldable bed is a practical and convenient space-saving option for the home. They are a wise investment that makes the most of a small room's floor space while still providing comfort. The ability to fold the design easily allows for seamless transition between bedroom and open space, providing flexibility for multi-purpose rooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. A Murphy Bed (in North America), also called a wall bed, pull down bed, fold-down bed, or hidden bed, is a bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically against the wall, or inside of a closet or cabinet.

Ans 2. Are beds attached to the wall safe? Wall-mounted beds are considered a safe option due to their sturdy installation mechanism. These are attached to the walls robustly by professionals using high-quality hardware and precise weight distribution.

Ans 3. Adult beds with walls, also known as canopy beds or enclosed beds, can be more expensive than standard beds for several reasons: Material costs: Canopy beds are often made from high-quality materials such as solid wood, metal, or wrought iron, which can be more expensive than the materials used for standard beds.

Ans 4. Place Your Bed Against the Quietest Wall Having your bed against a bathroom wall may mean you'll hear every drip or flush, even at night. Place your bed opposite walls you share with noisy spaces for a better night's sleep.