10 Amazing Brick Wall Design Ideas to Inspire You


10 Amazing Brick Wall Design Ideas to Inspire You

One of the most popular design trends in the architectural world is the use of brick wall designs. This rustic and chic wall design can be used both indoors and outdoors and it can bring a stark difference in the look and feel of your space. Some people who use bricks for constructing their walls intentionally leave a part of the wall exposed to create a natural brick wall design. Others choose to fix bricks on existing wall spaces to create a new look.

While textured wall designs or wallpapers are other options for wall designs, bricks will never go out of fashion. You can use bricks in so many different ways to add glam to your room. So if you are inspired, check out our list of amazing brick wall design ideas below.

10 Beautiful Brick Wall Design Ideas

We have put together 10 amazing brick wall design ideas to inspire you to try something like this in your house too. Read on.

Your kitchen is a space you spend a lot of time in. That's why it makes sense to decorate it the way you like. Check the exposed brick wall design below. The incandescent bulb, the wooden décor, and the high stool all add to the room's rustic charm. When one of your walls has these exposed bricks, make sure the other walls are subtle and free of distractions.

A rustic kitchen with brick wall design

If you want to showcase a special art piece, then one of the best ways to do it is to hang it against a brick wall background. Such a display will instantly pop out and help attract attention right away. Make sure you do not overdo such showpieces, though. One or two against a large brick wall will suffice. You can have a sofa placed strategically below the art piece and focus light on it from the right direction.

A beautiful art piece displayed on a brick wall background

Many people assume that a brick wall design idea is only for rustic and heritage homes. That is not true at all. You can create a sleek and chic brick wall even for the most modern of houses. You just need to ensure you don't go overboard with the bricks here. Instead of using bricks for the whole wall, use them for just a part of the wall, just for a deviation from the plain colours you have elsewhere. Here is an example for you to check.

Modern white and grey interiors with a simple brick wall design

4. Interesting Combination of Exposed Aggregate Finish and Brick Wall Design

An exposed aggregate finish involves creating a rough surface by removing the outer cement layer and exposing the concrete. You can combine an exposed aggregate surface with a brick wall design to create a unique look for your house. Take this wall, for instance. The grey cement layer, the burnt brick colours, and the tinted windows, all add much charm to the space. This is something you can try out too.

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Brick wall design combined with exposed aggregate surface

Many people opt for regular-sized bricks to create a brick wall background. You can go one step further and pick larger bricks to create a very different look. In the example below, the designer has used naturally rugged large bricks to fill in two parallel walls. This lends a very lovely vibe to the place and adds to the soul.

 A workroom with parallel brick wall backgrounds

6. Brick Wall Design in a Different Colour

brick wall design need not always be brick-coloured. You can paint over these bricks to give them a different finish and look. Some people like having different coloured brick walls in the same room to give the space a sense of depth. In this case, you can spot natural bricks and bricks painted in white flowing seamlessly across the room. Try this look if you want to leave the entire space exposed without adding putty and wall paints.

A room with two-coloured brick wall designs

White is a colour that compliments everything beautifully, and that is why you should combine brick wall designs with a white background. Check out this dining room, for instance. While the kitchen is white and pristine, the associated dining area has a splash of colour in the form of the brick designs used. The wooden flooring is a perfect combination of this look.

A pristine kitchen with white walls and a partial brick wall design

8. Brick Wall Designs with Antique Fixtures

If you want to truly celebrate your love for brick wall designs, then invest in antique fixtures to add to the look. You can also leave some or all of the piping systems exposed to thoroughly invest in this look. Such brick wall designs are easy to maintain and can be washed/scrubbed to keep away stains and dust.

A brick wall design made more authentic with antique fixtures

Many people assume that brick walls are loud and bold. They can be when the original brick colour is used. However, when painted white, these brick wall background designs can get a really soft and subtle look, with the added advantage of giving a 3D effect. Place a potted plant next to the wall or hang a single art piece against it to complete the subtle look.

A brick wall background in white- Brick Wall Design

You may have the perfect brick wall design in place. However, unless the rest of the space is designed to match the vibe, the final mood won't set in. check out this cosy little corner for ideas. The brick wall matches perfectly with the patchwork carpet, the oversized metal lamps, and the quilted hangings. Who wouldn't want to stay in this corner forever!

A cosy, well-designed living room with a brick wall design

Different Ways to Use Brick Wall Designs Inside the House

There are so many interesting ways in which you can use brick wall designs inside your house. Here are some inspirations.

  1. Use brick wall designs as space separators. For instance, you can separate the kitchen from the dining room or the hall from the foyer area.

  2. Create arches in rooms and cover them up with brick walls. These will add great charm to the space without you having to shell out on expensive materials.

  3. If you have a fireplace, definitely think of using brick walls to cover the space around it. It will help lock in the heat and give a vintage feel to the space.

  4. If there is too much light coming into the house, you can mute it by installing brick walls that absorb the light. Match it with grey or brown wall paints.

Advantages of Choosing a Brick Wall Background

  1. Most houses are originally made of red bricks. Hence, creating an exposed brick wall design is easy and cheaper.

  2. Brick walls can also be installed outdoors as these bricks withstand all kinds of climates. They are harsh surfaces and don't need to be weather coated.

  3. Stains and marks on brick walls create interesting patterns, and these make the look more realistic and beautiful. That's why it is a smart move to use brick wall backgrounds when you can't maintain walls well.

  4. Bricks can be chosen in any size and shape needed. Even an average mason will be able to create a brick wall for you, so there is no need to look for expensive experts. Bricks can be tweaked into shapes of your choice.

  5. Bricks can be recycled and reused too. You can paint over brick wall designs or hang pictures or even put up wallpapers if needed.

Conclusion to Brick Wall Design Ideas

Brick wall design ideas are such fun ways to add uniqueness to your house. You can use brick walls to design both indoors and outdoors easily and affordably. Do not stop by just exposing brick walls. You can paint them and design them the way you want and the way that suits the rest of the interiors.

Pick up one of these 10 inspiring brick wall background ideas and tweak them the way you want. Brick walls can be made to look vintage, trendy, modern, sleek, or pure cosy. If you have a limited budget for your house decor, brick walls are the easiest way to achieve great looks at affordable costs.

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