Why a hike in house tax now, say residents in Dehradun

An additional tax burden falls on state homeowners after the cash-strapped state government announced that it would tax homes at circular rates. Doon Sunil Mayor Uniyal Gama promised to initially relax the homeowners, but residents are unhappy. The new housing tax will depend on the width of the adjacent road, the distance from the main road, the type of neighborhood, and the amenities provided. As per current circular rates, the maximum city tax will be imposed on the properties located between the Clock Tower and the RTO office on Rajpur Road, with the circular rates reaching 50,000 rupees per square meter. Mahesh Bhandari, head of the Social Welfare Front without Resident, said that raising internal taxes when people are not yet recovering from the financial losses they incurred during the pandemic will overwhelm us. DMC should focus on collecting the home tax rate from existing residential and commercial properties rather than raising prices.” “We bought this property a long time ago,” said RK Solanki, a resident of Rajpur Road. At the time, we didn't know that the circuit rates here were going to go up that much. But even after high home taxes are paid, what additional benefits will residents reap? The authorities should talk about this as well. " There are 44 districts that are likely to have low home tax rates, with the circular rate being Rs 10,000 per square meter (Rs 24,000 per square meter for multi-story apartments). These areas include Ajabpur Kala, Bindal road, Indresh Nagar, Prem Nagar, Kargi Grant, Niranjanpur, Brahmawala, etc. DMC has also extended the home tax refund date by 20% until February 20. This year, the Civilian Authority has kept Rs. 50 crores as a fundraising target, of which Rs 22 crores are already in the fund. Also Read: Uttar Pradesh CM introduces Unicode marking of all landholdings