How should you handle old furniture?


When upgrading homes, homeowners frequently encounter the challenge of dealing with old furniture. Disposing of or storing these often bulky items can be problematic. While selling them to scrap dealers or through online platforms is a common solution, it's worth considering alternative options. In this article, we'll delve into unconventional alternatives to simply selling off your old furniture.

Repurposing or upcycling

If you have old pieces of furniture lying around that wouldn’t fit anymore due to aesthetic or functional reasons, maybe you can consider repurposing them into something more useful that would also fit in the ambience of the space. Sounds interesting, right? Here are some ideas to get you started on your journey of repurposing furniture:

Dresser into kitchen table


You can easily turn an old dresser into a portable kitchen table. To do this, replace the drawers of the dresser with countertops of wood or marble and install wheels underneath. You can even add hooks for added functionality. Lastly, paint or refinish it to match the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Pallet into coffee table

A pallet can be made into a coffee table with some simple additions. Smoothen the pallet with sandpaper and paint it with the desired colour. You can even add wheels to it or add a glass top for a sleek look.

Old chairs into garden bench


Remove the backs from a couple of old wooden chairs and sand them to achieve a smooth surface. Paint or stain them with a desired colour and fix them together with a study base for support. Voila! You now have a repurposed garden bench!

Side table into pet bed


If you have a spare side table, consider turning it into a cosy relaxation place for your furry friend! Simply remove the top of the table and sand it for smoothness. Add a splash of colour and place a cushion on top to make a compact and comfy bed.

Cabinet door serving tray

Cabinet door broken? Don’t get rid of it. Instead, turn it into a serving tray! Sand the surface of the wooden door for smoothness and attach drawer handles on the sides for better grip. Paint it or decorate it according to your tastes.

Window pane photo frame


If you have broken windows at your place, you can remove the glass and get creative with the wooden frame. Simply take the frame and add photos and artwork on it using string or clips and watch it morph into a vintage-inspired photo display!

Drawer planters

Here is one for the gardening enthusiasts. Take out the drawers from old dressers and cabinets and turn them into pretty planters. Just add a waterproof lining to protect the wood and drill a hole at the bottom for drainage. Fill them up with soil and plants and adorn your garden with these unique planters.

Door headboard


An old door can be repurposed into a DIY headboard for your bed. Get rid of the splinters and rough edges by sanding the door. Mount it horizontally behind your bed and decorate as required to match your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Donating old furniture

Instead of selling old furniture, you can consider donating it to someone in need. Not only does this add a few more years to the furniture’s lifespan but is also a noble deed to do. So if you’d like to donate your old pieces of furniture, here are some options:

Local shelters and charitable organisations

Various shelter homes for the homeless and orphanages accept donations of old furniture to provide for their inhabitants. Look for organisations especially dealing with rehabilitation of the homeless and victims of abuse.

Furniture banks

Furniture banks are organisations specially dedicated to the cause of collecting old furniture and making them accessible to those who need it. You can rest assured that your furniture is in good hands and will be useful for someone in need without taking the trouble of deciding what cause to donate them for.

Religious and community organisations 

Temples, mosques, churches and community centres keep organising donation drives to make facilities accessible to those in need. You can consider giving away your furniture to some such organisation.

Online platforms

Several online platforms allow you to list your old furniture for donation in your area. The easiest way to avail this is by listing them on Facebook Marketplace. This has been revolutionary in increasing accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. You can creatively transform old furniture into something more useful. For example- a dresser can be made into a kitchen island or making old chairs into a garden bench.

Ans 2. You can easily transform old doors into tables or headboards and dresser and cabinet drawers into planters.

Ans 3. For furniture repurposing and upcycling, you can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest, YouTube and DIY blogs over the internet.

Ans 4. While different projects might require different materials, some basics to keep handy include sandpaper, paint, screws, nails, a drill and a saw.

Ans 5. While deciding between repurposing and donating, keep in mind the condition of the furniture and your DIY skills. You might want to donate the furniture if it is in good condition but not useful for you anymore.

Ans 6. You can donate your furniture to charitable organisations, religious or community institutions or furniture banks.

Ans 7. Furniture banks are organisations specially dedicated to the cause of collecting old furniture and making them accessible to those who need it.