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Vastu Shastra advises the inclusion of different types of plants into your home to ensure peace, prosperity, good health, and happiness. Among the various plants suggested in Vastu, the money plant is at the top of the list. The money plant is of utmost importance in Vastu shastra, as it can filter the air, thus allowing positive energies to flow into the house. We will discuss some Vastu tips on how to place a money plant in your bedroom.

The importance of the Money Plant

Benefits of the Money Plant in Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, the money plant is very beneficial to your home.
  • A) Purifies the air by replacing stale air with breathable oxygen.
  • B) Absorb harmful radiation to purify the environment.
  • C) It gives the house an element of peace and quiet.
  • D) Neutralizes the feeling of nausea by absorbing negative energies at home.
  • E) It can attract wealth, thus ensuring prosperity.
  • F) Reduces stress and relieves sleep disorders.

money plant benefits

Money Plant Vastu Tips

Before we discuss the benefits of a money plant in bedroom Vastu, we shall glance through some money plant Vastu tips regarding the direction of placement.
  • A) North: According to Vastu Shastra, the North direction belongs to the Kuber. Therefore, placing the money plant in a north-facing in blue bottle can attract wealth and prosperity.
money plant vastu
  • B) East: Place the money plant in an east-facing green bottle to make connections with influencers and expand your circle of social interaction.
types of money plant
  • C) South: The south direction indicates fame and expansion. Placing the money plant on the ground (not in the water) facing south can help improve your financial position.
types of money plant Avoid placing the money plant in the west and southwest directions as it can create instability in your career and affect relationships.

Money Plant in Vastu's Bedroom

Here are some money plant Vastu bedroom placement tips.
  • A) The ideal directions to place a money plant in the bedroom are east, south, north, and southeast. As mentioned above, completely avoid the west and southwest directions.
Money Plant in bedroom
  • B) Money plants can emit carbon dioxide at night. Therefore, it is recommended to place the plant within five feet of your bed.
water your money plant regulary
  • C) Humidity levels in the room should be optimal. Prolonged use of air conditioning equipment can erode the monetary plant.
money plant need sun light
  • D) If you are using soil instead of water to grow your money plant, make sure there is enough room for the roots to spread and grow.
Use sufficient soil to grow your Money Plant The money plant is of immense importance in Vastu Shastra as it can boost your creativity, improve your mood, reduce stress, and increase enthusiasm. However, you should follow these Vastu tips religiously to reap the maximum benefits. Placing a money plant in your bedroom can calm your mind and calm your eyes, thus promoting positivity in the home. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut's Home in Mumbai: A Bold Statement from the Queen