Vastu for Bedroom: Tips to increase positive energy in home


Vastu for Bedroom: The bedroom is one of those rooms in the house where one hopes to relax and sleep well after a hard day at work. Vastu Shastra relies on the flow of cosmic energy into space to improve living conditions and promote harmony. Moreover, colours play an important role in every room. If applied properly, it can help people live in a positive home environment.

Vastu instructions for each room:

Vastu for bedroom: it should be in the southwest corner of the house Vastu for children's bedroom: the room facing west should be the children's room Vastu for guest bedroom: East-facing rooms must be guest rooms Vastu for study room: the southeast corner should be dedicated to study and work Now that you are familiar with the Vastu for bedroom, you can welcome home positive feelings with these simple vastu tips for your bedroom:

Vastu for Bedroom - Tip #1: Master bedroom direction

Bedroom according to vastu img source: homestratosphere According to Vastu experts, the ideal place for the construction of the master bedroom is the southwest corner of the house. Never think about building a master bedroom in the Northeast, as it should be reserved for the pooja room. Likewise, the southeast is not ideal because it is governed by "agni" and leads to disputes and misunderstandings between husbands.

Vastu for Bedroom - Tip #2: Disposition of bed

Bed according to vastu for bedroom img source: homedesignlover Never place the bed right in front of the door. It is better to sleep with your head to the south or east direction. This will ensure you sleep well and live a long life. There should not be electric wires over the bed. Also, make sure that the shape of your bed is regular. Avoid any irregular shapes. Also see: Bathroom design ideas for small and big homes

Vastu for Bedroom - Tip #3: Cabinets and Closets

cabinets and closets according to vastu img source: hometriangle Correctly putting furniture in the bedroom is essential to make you feel at home. Vastu for bedroom suggests that you should move heavy objects like cabinets and closets in the south, southwest or west direction. Try placing the safe in the direction of the south wall and make sure it opens to the north direction. This will prove to be very auspicious. You can also place the cabinets in the northwestern direction as it is the second in the line. These trends increase the flow of positive energy. Please note that one should not place mirrors on cabinet doors or closets as they can reflect negative energy. However, you have it in the case of a compact room, just make sure that the mirror does not reflect the bed as it may bring bad luck to the person using the room.

Vastu for bedroom - Tip #4: Electronic Gadgets and TV

What is the right place for your TV according to Vastu Shastra ... img source: homify It's best to avoid televisions and appliances in your bedroom, as they tend to send energies that can disturb your sound sleep. However, if you cannot avoid having a TV in your room, make sure it is facing southeast.

Vastu for bedroom - Tip #5: Do and Don'ts for master bedroom

  • Like an opportunity door, the bedroom door should be open 90 degrees. Ensure that it does not make any crunchy sounds and opens smoothly.
  • As per Vatu experts, preferable colours in the bedroom should be light pink, grey, blue, and green.
  • The first thing in your sight should be something nice, like a family photo or flowers that enhance positive vibrations.
  • Do not place the bed across the washroom/bathroom and ensure the bathroom door is closed all the time.
  • Avoid having rooms in the centre of the house.
  • Make sure that you do not place a mirror opposite the bed exactly. This can cause health problems.

Vastu for bedroom - Tip #6: Children's room and furniture direction

The children's room must face west while the door should face east. Also, you should place the bed in the west or south-west corner of the room for good health and fortune. The study table should be oriented to the west or southwest, while the bookshelf should be placed to the northwest. Green, light blue, purple and yellow are the perfect colours for a child's room. Bright colours add positivity and encourage children to be active. These colours enhance cognitive skills such as focus and attention. Also Read: Best Indian Home Decor & Furniture brands