UP govt new guideline: No more post-construction FAR


Ghaziabad: Developers in Uttar Pradesh are now prohibited from initiating a construction project and seeking regularization later. As per the new criteria for purchasable Floor Area Ratio (FAR) established by the UP government, any additional FAR is strictly forbidden and will result in demolition if applied after the commencement of construction.

Officials from the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) have stated that disputes between developers and the development authority arose when they applied for purchasable FAR after completing construction to obtain completion certificates. The authority incurred losses, and the demolition of unauthorized construction proved to be challenging and unmanageable.

UP govt new guideline

Presently, the permissible floor area ratio (FAR) for plotted developments and group housing is 1.5 FSI (floor space index) in the city and 2.5 on its outskirts, accounting for about 40 per cent of the land rate. The purchasable FAR was allowed only on 25 per cent of extra construction in the built-up area and 33 per cent in open areas.

Under the new government guidelines, developers can only purchase FAR once or when the project's map is submitted for approval. According to the latest regulation, any additional construction, whether identified during inspection or otherwise, will be subject to demolition.

In the past, developers had the option to buy FAR in case of a slight deviation from the sanctioned layout map. However, the completion certificate will now only be issued when the construction aligns with the approved project map.


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