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Tips To Remove Dampness or Seelan from Walls

The most common problem in residential buildings is dampness or wet walls. The problem is not only unsightly but also leads to an unhealthy environment because a wet wall often leads to the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Moisture causes permanent damage to wall finishes, including plaster, paint, and other surface finishes.

What is Dampness/Seelan?

The problem is easily visible and can be found on any wall and throughout the house. It occurs when the wall comes into contact with the ground, and as a consequence moisture appears both inside and outside. Dampness or Seelan

How to remove Dampness(Seelan)?

Each room should be dry and well ventilated to avoid the problem of increased humidity. There are several ways to approach the problem. The most popular ways are mentioned below, please have a look: Damp Proofing: It is necessary to keep the base dry to avoid dampness/ seelan / सीलन problems. Therefore, a continuous layer of waterproof mortar can be installed to make a proper DPC. The dampproof loop can be installed by removing a line of bricks near ground level and inserting waterproofing mortar. Avoid leakage: Make sure rainwater pipes are airtight. Also, all water and sewer connections must be hermetically sealed. In addition, rainwater must not penetrate any of the joints in the structure. If there is any void between the ceiling and the roof, install adequate ventilation in the area. Repair and re-plaster the surface: If there is an infected area in your home, use some waterproof plaster or cement mix to repair the surface. Re-plastering can be done with the help of connecting pipes, you just need to lay the pipes close to the walls and transfer the liquid, and the liquid will act as a film and a strong barrier against moisture and moisture. Also Read - What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate?

Tips to Remove Mold

Dampness should be treated with the above methods, but if you don't follow these tips and just want to get rid of common mold and mildew on your walls, you can try some helpful cleaning tips.
  • A solution of  chlorine bleach and water can be used to clean the walls. One part bleach and three parts water will do the trick.
  • Any household cleaner that contains bleach can be used as the active ingredient to clean mold.
  • The black area can be easily cleaned with a rough brush.
  • If mold and mildew return to the walls, use a good electric de-humidifier..
Mold and mildew can return to walls if your home's insulation is poor. Make sure walls and ceilings are properly insulated to prevent dampness.

Chemicals to Remove Seelan / सीलन:

There are many chemically formulated cleaners available on the market that can be used for this purpose. Be sure to follow directions carefully and wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and a mask before using any type of specialized product. As a healthy and safe alternative, seek expert guidance. Professionals know how to safely apply chemicals and rinse walls. They have the skills to address the root cause of dampness.

Where to Buy:

Chemicals to remove seelan or dampness are now available online for purchasing. You can buy it online from your favorite stores. Also Read - 5 Eco-friendly ways to keep your place cool in the hot summer

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