Tips to Design a Vastu Shastra -friendly Kitchen in 2021


In the house all kinds of energies reign, but the kitchen is the area of the house that attracts the most energy, both good and bad. There are some rules that must apply to the kitchen if you want to enhance your aura. From planning to small changes in location, this article is the one place you should look to design a Vastu shastra -friendly kitchen tip. Modern Kitchen design according to Vastu Shastra

Plan the Layout Well

So, you have an empty house and you are free to decide where to build your kitchen. You're lucky! Reserve the southeast corner of your house for the kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra, this is the direction governed by the fire element. Thus, this is a perfect corner for your kitchen. If you can't find a suitable spot on that corner, the northwest direction works too.

Entrance Should be in the Right Direction

According to Vastu shastra, the entrance is as important as the design of your kitchen. Experts say that the entrance or door to your kitchen should be in the east, north, or west. Also, make sure it doesn't fall over corners. Vastu Shastra kitchen tips

Place the Stove in the Right Place

Cooking gas is one of the most important elements of the kitchen after you have decided on the design of your kitchen. The fire element controls the southeast direction, therefore, according to extensive kitchen advice, the stove should always be placed in this direction. Also, the person using the stove must face east. According to Vastu shastra, this is considered beneficial. Vastu Shastra kitchen tips

Sinks are Important According to Vastu Shastra

Kitchen sinks and faucets indicate the flow of water and should always be placed in a northeast direction the pots should also not be put near a stove, according to Vastu Shastra, because water and fire are antithetical components that oppose each other. Vastu Shastra kitchen tips

Have a Couple of Windows as per Vastu Shastra

Windows are a way to get rid of negativity, and great experts say that a couple of windows in the kitchen is a must. Escape is also necessary, and it must be positioned to the east to expel all negative energies. The windows should also face the same direction. Vastu Shastra kitchen tips Vastu experts say that the use of black in the kitchen is sinister. Instead, you can use bright colors like green, orange, red, etc. These will not only make your kitchens compatible, but they will also make them look modern and happy! Also, Read- What are the Prominent affordable Housing Schemes available in India