TIDCO House Allotment By Andhra Pradesh Government


After waiting more than two years, the Andhra Pradesh government recently prepared a plan and announced the housing allocation developed by the Andhra Pradesh Village Infrastructure Development Corporation (AP TIDCO). Under this plan, the government will provide beneficiaries with AP TIDCO housing, covering 300 square feet at a cost of one rupee.

The Andhra Pradesh government plans to distribute 90,000 TIDCO homes to beneficiaries. The government is working to complete the construction of 28.3 lakhs homes for eligible families at a cost of  1,08,553 crore by 2023. The state's housing minister, Ranganatha Raju, said that up to 1,562,227 homes were being built in the first phase of the housing plan. . Approximately 12.7 lakhs of houses will be built in the second phase. He also added that around 1,200 crores will be spent on drinking water and 32,909 crores on infrastructure facilities such as roads, power systems, and drainage in the colonies.

What is the meaning of AP TIDCO?

The full form of AP TIDCO is the Andhra Pradesh Municipality and Infrastructure Development Corporation. The government is working to complete the construction of 28.3 homes for eligible families at a cost of  1,08,553 crore by 2023. The agency has the responsibility to plan, develop, finance, and implement affordable housing throughout the state under the municipality and the Department of Urban Development.


What are TIDCO houses?

The development of some 5 lakhs homes by TIDCO, in the G + 3 apartment scheme, has started in urban areas under the housing scheme. The TDP government has awarded tenders for the construction of the apartments. These residential units are available in configurations that include 300 square feet, 365 square feet, and 430 square feet.

The basic structure of approximately 2.62 lakh of houses has been completed in different cities of the state. However, the works on the remaining 2.4 lakh houses have not started due to technical problems, including the acquisition of pending land. The provision of basic services and works costing around 3000 crores, related to infrastructure in these TIDCO cities, was not yet completed during the previous government period. The state government now aims to spend Rs 9500 crores, to complete the TIDCO housing project by 2022.

AP TIDCO housing cost

Of the 2.62Lakh houses, about 1.43 lakh beneficiaries belong to the category of less than 300 square feet, while there are 44,300 units of 365 square feet and 74,300 units of 430 square feet. Apartments under 300 square feet will be allocated for Re 1, while the government will spend around 3,805 million rupees. For the beneficiaries belonging to the other two categories, the government will pay half of the advance to be paid by the beneficiaries, by allocating 482 million rupees. 365-square-foot houses cost 4,000 rupees, while 430-square-foot houses cost 4.65 Lakhs. Beneficiaries will have to pay Rs 50,000 for a 365 square foot house and 1 lakh for a 430 square foot house. Bankers will have to provide long-term loans for the remaining amount.

Recently, the Minister of Energy, Environment, Forests, Science and Technology, Bellini Srinivasa Reddy, said that the government plans to allocate TIDCO housing in AP to 4,128 beneficiaries in the city of Ongole. In addition, the minister said that plots of land will be allocated to about 30 lakh families across the state.

What are the eligibility criteria for AP TIDCO Housing Scheme 2021?

An applicant must be a permanent resident of the state to qualify according to the eligibility criteria for TIDCO Homes. According to APTIDCO's eligibility criteria, those belonging to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) must have a maximum income of Rs 25,000, while those in the lower-income category must have an income of between Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000 to take advantage of the benefits of the scheme.

How to register and apply for AP TIDCO Housing Scheme 2021?

Eligible citizens can access the official portal of the APTIDCO Housing Scheme to register. Create a login ID by selecting a username and password. Enter these details and type in the captcha, to successfully register on the portal. Here are the steps to apply for AP TIDCO houses under the AP TIDCO Housing Scheme 2021: Go to the official website of AP TIDCO (click here). Login to the site with your user ID and password. Click on ‘Apply Here’ to access the application form. Complete the form with details like name, father’s name, date of birth, Aadhaar number, gender, family details, and bank details. Upload the mandatory documents like income certificate, passport-size photo and signature scanned copy. Pay the booking amount and click on ‘submit’. After you have submitted the application, you will receive the confirmation on your registered mobile number.

Documents required for AP TIDCO Housing Scheme

The documents required under the AP TIDCO Housing Scheme are mentioned below: Aadhaar card. Voter ID card. Proof of permanent residence. PAN card. passbook (details like IFSC code and branch code). Income certificate.

How to find the APTIDCO beneficiaries list?

The APTIDCO beneficiary list can be found by visiting the official Andhra Pradesh Township and Infrastructure Development Corporation website at https://www.aptidco.com/. The requester must log into the site with the credentials created during registration. Upon successful login, the full list of recipients can be accessed. You can also download the neighborhood list containing the details of the beneficiaries.

Credit- housing.com

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