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Terrazzo Flooring Designs Launched By CMC


CMC (Classic Marble Company) is one of the leading Stones Company in India. With its amazing and new collection of Terrazzo marble, you will surely find some unique marble designs for your house. You can find some exclusive designs for the flooring in your house. The Terrazzo is launched under the company name Kalinga Brand which will redesign the architecture industry. The designs bring back the retro feel as you will which one of the amazing Terrazzo  Flooring Design Ideas. If you also want to get some amazing marbles for your house then you should definitely check out this collection. You might find something you like which will help you in renovating your house.

Products available in the collection

If you like to enjoy variety in your house then in this marble collection launched by CMC you will find 18 different products. In order to create the designs of these products, permutations and combinations are used. Using the help of maths the shades of the Terrazo is modified which provides it much more unique style. In this collection launched by CMC, you can find some amazing creative aspects.

The design of the marble contains a staggered pattern which provides is a unique look. By using the help of an expert architect you can be creative with the installation of the terrazzo marble in your house. There are various patterns like rectangle shapes, diagonal patterns, and check patterns which you can get in your house. You can use two or more shades of the marble in your house which looks quite stylish. 

How are the terrazzo marbles different?

One of the questions which arise in everyone’s mind when they are buying marble is how they can compare them. Well, one of the few things which you can compare is the shape, color, and design of the marbles. And in all of these regards Terrazzo  Flooring Design Ideas excels. You can find a variety in the color of the marbles which can be quite interesting for the renovation of your house. 

The Terrazzo launched by CMC is one of the retro styles which is brought back from the unique styles of 1920 and 1940. If you like the art deco from the previous centuries then you will definitely like these marbles in your house. 

What is the shade of the Terrazzo Marble collection?

Well, this collection is positively launched in two shades which will be well liked by everyone. If you like to have a dark theme in your house then you can choose the darker shade available in this collection. For the people who like lighter shades and want to have a brighter house can prefer using the light shade of Terrazzo Marble collection.

Dark Shade – In the dark shade, you will get Otranto, Sienna, Tarento, Ceppo, Ducale, Elba, Etna, Livori, Trevi, Navona, and Michelangelo.

Light Shade – So the lighter shade of Terrazzo  Flooring Design Ideas are Forum, Livigno, Livigno, Colosseo, Imperiale, Riva, Sanpietro, and Tosca

So the choice is yours and you need to think hard which one to choose for your house. You can even choose various ones which will also look quite stylish so you need to make sure to get the best combination in your house. You can even take help from the experts with the selection of the marble.

What is the composition of the Terrazzo marble?

Do you want to know what is the composition of Terrazzo marble? The terrazzo marble is created by using quartz, silica chips, and granite. The combination of all these three materials are mixed and then they are frozen into a marble. You need the help of an expert in order to install them into creative patterns such that they look stylish in your house. With proper installation, you will get a premium look in your house.

How is Terrazzo different from other companies?

You might be wondering as to what is so different with Terrazzo marble that you prefer this over other marbles. First of all, if you want to get the most stylish and unique marble then you should definitely consider Terrazzo which is non-porous and flexible marble. By getting the services of CMC you can get the best flooring designs for your house. These marbles are also harder than the natural marbles making it more perfect for the interior of your house. Which is why you should not think twice about getting these marbles for your house. The only thing you need to think is which design you need to get into your house.

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