South Delhi civic body launches mobile app for property taxpayers


Authorities said on Thursday, that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has launched a new mobile app to make it easier to pay property taxes online amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. SDMC said in a statement that the new app has been created for the three companies in the city. “In order to make it easier for real estate taxpayers, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation today launched a new mobile app. This app has been launched for real estate taxpayers of the three municipal companies,” he said. The civil authority said the motivation behind launching the app is to provide an easy and hassle-free platform for real estate taxpayers during the pandemic. "Now, citizens can make the payment while they are staying at home. SDMC, the contract agency for the three companies (Southern, Northern and Eastern) for this work, has developed the application with the help of the National Informatics Center (NIC)), additional. People can download the application link available on the company's website and can also download it with the help of a QR code, according to the statement. Meanwhile, East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) commissioned two CNG-dependent cremation units at a cost of Rs 125 lakh on Thursday in the burning areas of Gethipur, East Delhi Mayor Nirmal Jain said. Also Read: