SC refuses urgent hearing of builders' plea for resumption of construction activities in NCR

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court, on Monday, refused to grant an urgent hearing to the appeal filed by the construction authority requesting permission on November 24, under which the prohibition of construction activities in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) to contain the increase in air pollution. Noting the deterioration in air quality, the court chaired by Chief Justice NV Ramana reversed the executive branch's decision to allow construction activities from November 22 and reimposed the ban. However, it allowed clean construction-related activities such as plumbing, interior decorating, electrical work, and carpentry. "I'm not going to get a call right now. Go to the government. Let this come on Friday and then we'll see ... Sorry, we can't," said the court, which includes judges Surya Kant and Hima Kohli. , when lead defender Vikas Singh said that real estate companies are losing billions of rupees due to the ban and that the petition should be heard urgently, either on Monday or Tuesday. "I say one more thing," said the lead attorney. "The government lifted the ban on construction activities. This ban was reimposed by the court, not the government." The petition filed by the Builders and Developers Forum, a body of more than 60 builders, claimed that they use the latest construction technology to reduce dust pollution and meet established standards. “What is more respectful is that this court must regain the aforementioned trend of imposing a blanket ban in light of the relevant data and statistics. SC refuses urgent hearing of builders' plea Also, Read - 10 Latest Window Designs To Try In 2022 For Your Home Issue the directive without taking the opinion of all interested parties and without differentiating between construction activities of a different nature. "It is recognized that the current blanket ban on all construction activities includes even small construction of residential and other units, which in no way can be said to cause widespread pollution," the petition says. On December 3, the deadline for the hearing, the Board directed the Center and the NCR States to implement the orders of the NCR and the Adjacent Area Air Quality Management Committee to reduce pollution and requested a motion. to ensure that all industrial enterprises. Units switch to PNG or clean fuels with a time limit or face closures while hinting that some news reports have tried to portray them as a "villain" who wants to close schools here. The seat was issuing orders based on a request by Aditya Dubey for urgent steps to improve the air quality of Delhi-NCR. Also, Read - How to Become a Real Estate Agent in India? RERA Registration and Guidelines