Rajiv Gandhi housing corporation aims for construction of 7.06 lakh houses: Karnataka minister


According to Housing and Minorities Welfare Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan, the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation in Bengaluru has set a target of constructing 706,290 houses from 2020-21 to 2022-23. Out of this target, 68,177 houses have already been completed. Currently, there are 119,090 houses at various stages of construction, while 177,868 houses are yet to begin construction. Additionally, 3,042 houses have been delayed due to various reasons. Rajiv Gandhi housing corporation In relation to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Chief Minister Housing Scheme, a target of 105,267 houses has been set, of which 99,218 houses have received approval and 10,148 houses have been completed. Around 60,277 houses are currently in different stages of construction, while work is yet to commence on 28,793 houses. Overall, work orders have been issued for 467,395 beneficiaries out of the targeted 811,557 houses. In category A, a total of 78,325 houses have been completed, while progress has been made on 179,367 houses at various stages. However, 206,661 houses are still pending completion, and 3,042 houses have been delayed due to lack of interest from beneficiaries and other reasons.The allocated budget for both schemes amounts to Rs 3,961.01 crores.

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