Property tax may rise up to 3% in East Delhi: East Delhi Civic Body


To up its internal sources of revenue, the East Corporation has proposed to increase tax rates in east Delhi by 1% (from 11 to 12%) on properties under categories C, D and E. It has also been planned to increase tax on properties under F, G and H category from 7 % to 10%.

“The increase proposed by us is very nominal, and considering no changes in property tax in the past 8-9 years, we would appreciate if the proposals are implemented,” said EDMC commissioner Dilraj Kaur.

In east Delhi, there are 759 colonies, of which one falls in A, one in B, 48 in C, 27 in D, 27 in E, 418 in F, 205 in G and 32 in H category. For category A and B, no hike in property taxes has been proposed.

The EDMC has also proposed three new taxes to earn Rs 30 crore annually. These include professional tax, education cess and betterment tax.

At present, EDMC collects 72% of its internal revenue from taxes. “The amount collected in 2019-20 is estimated to be Rs 270 crore. In 2020-21, we intend to take this figure to Rs 355 crore,” said an EDMC official.

The civic body is expected to issue UPIC card and bar-coded plates by July 2020.

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