Maharashtra portal begin in March to merge real estate transactions


Portal will be showing, all property restrictions, like addresses, records, property rights and water taxes to looking for jobs in the company register.

PUNE: The government liquidation committee is slated to launch an integrated online portal in March that includes information on all checks related to real estate transactions. The operation will be launched first in Mumbai and then in the remaining parts of the state."The online portal will serve as a unique platform for citizens to check title deeds, rights records, transfer records, property, electricity and water tax payments and the history of past transactions," said liquidation commissioner S Chockalingam.

Government officials from the settlement committee said that the portal would guarantee all installations on one platform and lead to fewer visits to a number of offices, agencies, and websites. The single portal will be taken care of all departments and provide all information

Once the portal is launched, citizens can visit all restrictions related to property, from searching for addresses, rights records, property rights and water taxes to searching for jobs in the company register. The official said that the information available in the center's business registry and the central registry for bond reconstruction and security interests in India was provided on the portal to check the mortgage status of any property.

Since the final land titling system has not been implemented, real estate buyers must perform detailed searches of legal and financial ownership to verify ownership of the property before purchasing. Portal  also provides details  to the general public to check all the property details, and this portal also saves agents fees for employees or  for the public

“As part of the ease of doing business, easy property registration is an important criterion. With this in mind, it has been ensured that there should be an easy process of searching for addresses, checking property tax fees, searches in the company’s registry, and preparing a bond Final sale, payment of stamp duty and implementation of final sale instrument.

Officials said the portal was one of the easiest aspects of doing business, and the other aspects included procedural reforms and infrastructure in the revenue department.

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