PM Modi Inaugurated India’s Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge - Sudarshan Setu


Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a four-lane cable-stayed bridge linking Okha Mainland to Beyt Island in Gujarat, near the Okha port. The Okha port is situated approximately 30 kilometers from Dwarka town, home to the renowned Dwarkadhish Temple. Previously known as the 'Signature Bridge', this bridge is now called Sudarshan Setu or Sudarshan Bridge, marking India's longest cable-stayed bridge.

Spanning a length of 2.32 kilometers, the bridge features a width of 27.20 meters, comprising four lanes and 2.52-meter-wide footpaths on each side. The construction of this bridge incurred a cost of Rs 980 crore.

PM Modi sudarshan setu longest cable stayed bridge beyt dwarka gujarat pics

With its remarkable design, the Sudarshan Setu bridge is adorned with verses from the Bhagavad Gita and depictions of Lord Krishna on either side, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Following the inauguration, PM Modi lauded the bridge as a "remarkable project".

In addition, solar panels have been positioned on the footpaths of the bridge, capable of producing one megawatt of electricity.

The construction of Sudarshan Setu was emphasized for its role in connecting the old and new areas of Dwarka. Currently, the bridge facilitates smoother transportation and serves as a tourist attraction, highlighting Gujarat's rich cultural heritage and architectural prowess.

Narendra Modi inaugurates India's longest cable-stayed bridge in Gujarat - Longest  cable-stayed bridge | The Economic Times

Before officially opening the bridge, PM Modi visited the Dwarkadhish Temple to offer prayers.

In addition to inaugurating Gujarat's first AIIMS in Rajkot, PM Modi will virtually inaugurate four other newly constructed AIIMS in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

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